Charming Wood and Wire Fence Ideas

Wood and wire fences are a cheap fence you can style in so many different ways and are a great alternative to picket fences or chain link fences.
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
June 24, 2024

Wood and wire fences go by many names: box wire fences, hog wire fences, and more! They originated on farms in agricultural settings but city homeowners have made them a trendy modern fence that can be found in rural and urban places. Wood and wire fences are known for their durability and strength, and are made of different types of wood, like redwood or cedar, along with wire mesh. They are a great alternative to picket fences or chain link fences.

There are a variety of ways to construct a wood and wire fence, making them more versatile than other types of fences. They can also be more easily constructed as a DIY project. But calling up a professional fence company is also a good option. Either way, wood and wire fences are cost-effective and are guaranteed to increase curb appeal at your home!

Types of Wood and Wire Fences

There are various types of fences that combine both wood and wire. Let’s go over some of the most popular kinds!

Traditional Wood and Wire Fence

Traditional wood and wire fence

Wood and wire fences originated in agricultural and farm settings to keep in animals like hogs for example - hence the other name for this fence style: hog wire fence. Hog wire fence wire mesh is made from galvanized steel and is strong enough to keep in hogs and other farm animals. Traditional wood and wire fences also include chicken wire fences, which have a less strong type of wire.

So keep in mind your purposes for your fence and choose a type of wire mesh that will suit them. Another key to a good traditional wood and wire fence is to make sure that the wire mesh extends underground for a foot or two. This is to keep predators and other kinds of critters from digging under the fence and getting to your animals!

Modern Wood and Wire Fence

Nowadays, the traditional wood and wire fence has been repurposed as a chic, minimalist, and modern fence. They can be seen in small towns as well as metropolitan cities. This fence has major curb appeal right now, with many homeowners likely having no idea about its background on farms. This fence style works very well as either front yard fences or a backyard fence. Keep in mind this type of fence is usually a little shorter than traditional wood fences that are around 6 feet tall. Wood and wire fences are typically built to be about 3 or 4 feet tall.

Wood and wire fences are also increasingly popular because as far as fence installation goes, you could call in professional fence companies or it could be done as a DIY project. The materials and steps make it an accessible fence project for many people. A modern wood and wire fence is a great, and affordable, way to enhance your outdoor spaces!

Rustic Wood and Wire Fence

Rustic wood and wire fence

As well as a modern front yard fence, this type of fence also looks great in rustic settings and has also found a new home off the farm as a dog fence. And with so many people owning dogs these days, keeping them fenced in safely is a must. If you need a fence just to keep the dogs in, as opposed to using it as a privacy fence or for security, this is a good choice for your purposes. A simple, modern wood and wire fence makes a great dog fence because it is strong enough to keep the pups inside but also allows a view, unlike a traditional wood fence.

A rustic wood and wire fence also makes an excellent garden fence! Just as in traditional settings on the farm, you may want to think about extending the metal fence underground a foot or two to keep critters out of your garden and from stealing your produce.

Decorative Wood and Wire Fence

There are a myriad of ways to add decorative elements to spice up your new wood and wire fence. Let’s use the box wire fence as an example. This type of fence is similar to a wooden fence known as a picture frame fence - only with welded wire in the picture frame instead of more wood. One way to enhance this fence style is to add a series of evenly spaced, narrow horizontal slats to the top of the fence instead of just one wider slat.

Another way to make your new wood and wire fence design your own is to add decorative hardware to your fence gate. That refers to things like decorative hinges, handles and latches. You could also add decorative post caps to the tops of your fence posts. Hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes have many different designs, materials and colors for you to choose from. You will easily find hardware that will accentuate your home or landscaping!

Design Ideas for Wood and Wire Fences

It sounds pretty simple, right? Just wood and wire? But there are actually quite a few fence designs that you can make from these two materials.

For example, instead of the box wire fence like we described above, why not just put up parallel horizontal wood planks that are evenly spaced and back that up with some wire mesh? Depending on how you decide to space the horizontal wood planks, or slats, it could have a very modern look or even a traditional look. Spacing them more closely will add privacy while spacing them out a bit more will offer a better view!

Horizontal fences are thought of as having a more of a modern look than traditional fences with vertical fence panels. However, just like the horizontal wood planks with wire mesh, you could choose to have vertical slats instead of horizontal slats!

Another popular wood and wire fence design is the split rail wood fence with wire. This fence style originated in rustic settings as a way to keep in animals like cows and horses. Split rail fences can come either with a two rail system or a three rail system. The two or three rails run horizontally on the fence with occasional vertical fence posts. To make this a wood and wire fence, you start with the traditional split rail fence and then add the wire mesh to it.

If you really want to get creative with fence design, why not throw in another material like metal or stone? Metal or stone fence posts can add a creative twist to the usual wood and wire fence styles. Black colored steel fence posts with black powder coated wire mesh and redwood slats will add an even more modern look to your new fence.

For a more affordable type of wood, you could use pallet wood - just remove the wood slats from the pallet and use them in your wood and wire fence! This may have a more rustic look, but definitely makes it a cheap fence idea for homeowners who are not looking to make a big investment, but need a sturdy fence.

As you can see, there are many fence styles you can achieve with the basic wood and wire fence design! Besides the versatility of this type of fence, it is also considered more affordable. Unlike most chain link fences, another simple and affordable type of fence, the wood and wire fence style is easier to make aesthetically pleasing and will likely increase your curb appeal.

So consider wood and wire fence options for your new fence! They are a great choice for so many different types of settings - from rural to urban, from dogs to cows, and they can easily be either rustic or modern. Contact Ergeon for more information about installing a new wood and wire fence at your home!

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