8 Wood and Metal Fence Ideas and Styles

Get the best of both worlds with a new wood and metal fence! Check out these amazing ideas to help you combine the classic look of wood with the modern twist of metal!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
July 18, 2023

Do you want to build a new wooden fence but also want the fence to have a sleek modern look? Wood fences do not always have to be classic and traditional, made of only wood. They can be built using both wood and metal. A wood and metal fence combines the best of both worlds and can definitely increase your curb appeal!

Benefits of Wood and Metal Fences

Wood and metal fences offer a unique blend of classic charm and modern appeal! These fences also have a wide range of other benefits for any property.

Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

You can give your home a makeover with a new wood and metal fence. Having a wood and metal fence combines the natural beauty of wood with the sleekness of metal. The traditional look of a wood fence highlighted with metal can really be eye catching. Another advantage of combining wood and metal in your new fence is that the design and customization options are almost endless! With this much flexibility in the design, your fence could easily be one of a kind.

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Strength and Durability

One disadvantage of having a fully wooden fence is that it will be susceptible to weather, pests and rot. Your fence posts, the sturdy “bones” of your fence, will be especially susceptible given that they must be buried to give the fence stability. If you choose to have your fence be a combination of wood and metal, then your fence posts could be made from metal - giving your fence a long-lasting and sturdy construction. Instead of years, your fence posts could easily last for decades.

Wood and Metal Fence Ideas

Get inspired by checking out these beautiful wood and metal fence ideas.

1. Contemporary and Minimalist Wood and Metal Fence Design

A contemporary and minimalist wood and metal fence design is composed of clean lines and geometric shapes. This type of wood and metal fence has a modern aesthetic with a focus on sleekness and simplicity. The fence posts are metal with wood slats. To add an extra dose of modernity to your fence, consider a horizontal fence in which the fence panels run horizontally instead of vertically.

2. Rustic Charm: Incorporating Wood and Metal in Fence Design

On the other end of the spectrum from a modern wood and metal fence design is one that is based on achieving a look that says “rustic charm.” To get the rustic look, these fences typically use weathered or reclaimed wood for the fence panels. In these types of wood and metal fences, the metal parts are the wrought iron accents and hardware which are used to enhance the rustic charm. This is a great choice for homeowners who want a rustic garden fence to surround their yard! 

3. Industrial-Inspired Wood and Metal Fence Style

Similar to a rustic wood and metal fence design is the industrial-inspired fence. To achieve an industrial look in your fence project, the fence needs exposed metal elements and structural design. It combines using raw wood and metal to give it an industrial feel. The fence posts are metal with wood slats. If you want a fence that looks stylishly industrial and will stand out in your neighborhood, this type of fence is for you!

4. Horizontal Wood and Metal Fence Style

A horizontal wood and metal fence style is a design idea that will give you a modern look without even trying! Horizontal wood fence panels combined with metal fence posts will definitely add curb appeal to your home while marking your property lines. Using metal fence posts instead of wood posts will help make your fence last much longer. On top of the wooden fence posts, metal is also used as a border around each section of the horizontal fence. Homeowners who want their property to look a little different than the neighbors, a horizontal design can make your property stand out!

5. Wood and Metal Privacy Fence Design

For a wood and metal fence that will give you all the privacy you want in your backyard fence, choose a privacy fence design. In this privacy fence idea, the wooden slats are gap free because of the tongue and groove design that allows the panels to fit together perfectly with no gaps. The metal fence posts are a high quality fencing material that will help your fence last longer. This wood privacy fence will last a decade or more.

6. Wood and Metal Picket Fence Design

While the ideas so far have consisted of wood slats with metal posts or accents, a wood and metal picket fence design does the opposite. In this case, the pence pickets are made of metal while the posts and top and bottom border of the fence is made of wood. This play on the traditional white picket fence will definitely get your front yard noticed and increase curb appeal at your home!

7. Corrugated Metal and Wood Fence Style

Like the previous example, this fence style uses metal for the bulk of the fence and wood for the structural elements like the fence posts. Corrugated metal is used as the fence panels and is a great privacy fence as it has no gaps between wood panels like a typical wood fence would have. The fence posts in this case are made of wood. This achieves a modern and industrial look that would be great for a garden fence.

8. Wood Pallet and Metal Fence Design

In another industrial-chic wood and metal fence design idea, wooden pallets are used for the body of the fence while metal posts are used to provide a solid structure for the fence. Wood pallets have been repurposed for almost everything at this point, from furniture to building materials. Wood pallet fences were not far behind! This is a unique style that does not provide a lot of privacy but definitely marks your property lines in a landscape design you will not see next door.

Choosing the Right Wood and Metal Combination

Wood Types for Fence Construction

There are many fencing materials and fencing options when you are planning a wood and metal fence design. The most popular wood to use in fences include cedar fence wood as well as redwood. Redwood is considered the best wood for fences as it is resistant to rot - one of any fence’s biggest enemies - as well as insects. It is also the most expensive. On top of that, it has a natural, beautiful reddish hue. If you are on a budget but still want some weather resistance, cedar is another option for fences that can also withstand rot and insects. There are several types of fences to consider, and the right one will depend on your style preferences.

Metal Options for Fence Components

Steel, iron, aluminum, and wrought iron are all metal material options you will come across when designing a wood and metal fence. The design options for adding metal to your wooden fence are almost endless - whether you are just adding hardware or accents to a wooden fence or wanting to use metal for structural elements like fence posts or panels. If you are just looking at hardware and accents, you will not have to pay as much attention to factors like strength and corrosion resistance. You will need to consider those things if you are looking at using metal fence posts or panels though. A steel fence post will guarantee you the longest life for the metal parts of your fence.

Maintenance Tips to Preserve Wood and Metal Fences

Here are a few maintenance tips for you to help protect and preserve your new wood and metal fence. To protect wood from moisture, rot or insects, the first step is to choose a high quality type of wood for your fence that has natural properties that are protective. These include cedar fence wood or redwood. No matter what type of wood you decide to use in your fence, staining it or painting it may also help preserve the fence and help it to last longer. As for the metal components in your fence, you may need to take steps to prevent rust and corrosion. Steel and aluminum are corrosion resistant and do not rust easily. You can also add a finishing surface treatment to help add extra protection to any metal you choose for your yard fence.

Wood and Metal Fence FAQs

How do you attach wood panels to a metal fence?

With an all-wood fence, you simply nail your wood panels onto your wooden posts. When you have wooden panels with metal posts, the way you attach them is a little different. One method is to use brackets and screws. The brackets loop around the metal fence posts and are then screwed into the wooden fence panels.

Should I use metal or wooden fence posts?

This depends on a number of factors. Do you like the look of a metal fence post better than a wooden fence post? Do you want your fence to last longer even if you do not necessarily like the look of a metal fence post? Using metal fence posts will ensure that your fence posts last longer and are not susceptible to insects and rot the way a wooden fence post is.

What are the costs of installing a wood and metal fence?

The costs of installing a wood and metal fence depend on what types of materials you end up using. If you are using reclaimed wooden pallets that will be cheaper than buying the best redwood fence panels available on the market. Also, if you decide to use steel instead of aluminum for the metal components of your fence, that will make the materials cost more expensive.

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