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Choose one of our box wire fence packages and customize the design

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Common box wire fence uses

Box wire fences are a popular choice for homeowners.

Residential box wire fence

Wire fences are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making them popular for homeowners. Box wire fences will offer the unique benefit of marking off your property and keeping animals in or out without obstructing your view, because of the openings in the metal gauges.

Box wire fences and gates

The box wire gate is used to secure the entrance to a box wire fence. It is made of two posts with a crossbar that is hinged on one side. The other side of the gate is attached to the fence with a latch. The gate provides security by preventing unauthorized entry into the fenced area.

Box Wire Fence Options

The mesh used in a box wire fence can come in several metal and plastic options.

Galvanized wire

Galvanized wire is durable and long-lasting. Galvanized wire is coated with a layer of zinc, which protects the wire from rust and corrosion. It’s readily available due to its popularity for use in box wire fences. It will only be offered in silver colors.

Aluminum wire

Aluminum wire is a great choice for box wire fences because it is coated, so is strong and durable. It is also resistant to corrosion, so it will last longer than other types of wire. This is a good alternative to galvanized wire.

Polypropylene mesh

Polypropylene wire is often used in box wire fences because of its many benefits. It is UV resistant, so it will not fade or break down over time. Additionally, polypropylene mesh is flexible so that it can be easily installed around tight corners or curves. But it is not as durable as galvanized wire or aluminum wire.

Wire gauge

When it comes to wire fences, there are a variety of gauges (thicknesses) available for purchase. The most common gauges used in box wire fences range from 8.5 gauge to 27 gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the gauge, and the stronger the wire.

Popular box wire fence types and designs

Box wire fences can be built and customized to suit a variety of uses.

Welded wire fence

Welded wire fence is a type of fencing that is made from welded wire mesh. The wire mesh is welded together at each intersection to create a robust and durable fence. Welded wire fence is typically used for commercial applications, but can also be used for residential purposes.

Deer fence

If you live in an area with deer, a box wire deer fence may be a good option. In order to keep out deer, it’s suggested that the fence be at least 8 ft tall and have a thicker metal gauge. Even a tall deer fence will not obstruct your view if the openings between gages are not too close together.

Hog wire fence

Hog wire fencing is a type of fencing that consists of thin wires that are spaced close together. It will have smaller openings at the bottom and larger openings at the top of the fence. This fencing is often used to keep pigs and other animals from escaping pens or yards. It is made of metal wires that are welded together in a grid-like pattern.

Box wire fence characteristics

Box wire fences are a popular choice to provide a barrier to
your property without obstructing your view.

What is a box wire fence?

A box wire fence is a type of fence that is made up of wooden posts that are connected by wire panels. Box wire fences are relatively easy to construct, and they can be customized to fit the specific needs of any property. Box wire fencing also comes in a variety of metal gauge options which will each fit different project budgets.

Benefits of a box wire fence

Box wire fences can be adapted to fit any terrain, making it a versatile fencing solution for both residential and commercial properties. They’re available in a variety of gage sizes based on your needs (the smaller the openings, the smaller the animals it will keep in or out.) Box wire fences are usually made from high-quality steel wire that is welded together into a strong mesh. This makes it ideal for security as it cannot be easily cut or damaged.

Box wire fence costs

A rough estimate for a 6’ height box wire fence in 2023 cost between $25-$58 per linear foot. The total cost for a new box wire fence will depend on many factors like lumber, mesh / wire chosen, add-ons and more.

Fence Components

A box wire fence is made up of various components, all of which work together to create a secure and reliable fence. The basic components consist of vertical posts, horizontal wood rails, metal or polypropylene.

Box wire fence post

The posts are what hold the fence up and provide support for the other components. These posts are usually made of wood or metal and are set into the ground at regular intervals. The line wires are attached to the posts and run along the length of the fence.

Box wire fence rail

Rails are placed on top of the posts and run horizontally along the length of the fence. The most common type of rail is the wooden rail, which can be either pressure-treated or not. Pressure-treated wood will last longer but is more expensive. Aluminum can also be used as rails.

Wire fabric

The wire fabric can be made from a variety of materials, but galvanized steel is the most common option. Other types of wire fabrics that can be used on a box wire fence include aluminum wire and polyethylene mesh. Each type of fabric has its unique benefits and drawbacks.

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