Benefits of a Box Wire Fence

March 31, 2022

If you’re interested in replacing your fence, you’re probably checking out some popular fence styles in your area! 

There are several fence styles that you’re likely familiar with, like wood fences, chain link fences and vinyl fences. While these styles are all great, there’s a lesser known style that offers many benefits: the box wire fence! 

Box wire fences combine wood posts with metal or plastic wiring in-between. This type of fence goes by many names, including deer fence, hybrid fence, and wood and wire fence. 

This fence style is a practical option for many properties and offers style and cost-effectiveness! Read more about the many benefits of a box wire fence below!

What is a Box Wire Fence? 

Box wire fences have many of the same components you think of with a traditional wood fence, like rails and posts. What differentiates them is the fabric in between sections of posts and rails. The different types of fabric will determine what can get in or out of the fence, depending on their durability and strength.

The different fabrics for a box wire fence include welded metal wire/welded metal panels or plastic net (from polypropylene.) The metal can come in rolled sheets or prefabricated panels, with the latter being the more expensive option. Welded metal comes in different gauges, with 6 gauge being the strongest and most expensive, and 14 gauge being the standard.

Keeps Animals In or Out 

A great benefit to a box wire fence is the ability to keep animals in or out. The grid of plastic or metal wires combined with sturdy wood posts means that you can keep out small animals like rabbits, or larger animals like deer or hogs (hence the names ‘deer fence’ and 'hog fence.') 

The size and material of the openings in the box wire fence is the main factor that will determine the fence’s effectiveness. For example, the smaller the opening size the more animals you will keep out. Fences with 2" or smaller squares will keep out foxes, woodchucks, coyotes, etc., whereas smaller openings will keep out animals like rabbits, moles and other small animals.

Hog wire fence
Deer fence
Top Deer Fence

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Won’t Obstruct Your View

Box wire fences can add a barrier to your property without obstructing the full view like a traditional wood fence, and with a bit more style and aesthetic appeal than regular chain link fencing. The openings in the fence allow you to still see through it, which is great if you enjoy the views from your property.

Variety of Options

There are multiple specification options for your box wire fence. This variety means that you can select the fence that best fits your budget and your property’s needs.

An economic version of a box wire fence might have the following specifications: 4' height, 2x4 PT Rail Box Frame, and budget deer mesh fabric. This version of the box wire fence would be suitable for light traffic from smaller and larger animals.

A standard design for a box wire fence might have the following specifications: Any height - 4x4 PT Post + 2x4 PT Top/Bottom Rail and budget deer mesh. A Top Deer Fence will typically had a kickboard, cap rail and RCC rails.

A more premium design might be a fence of any height, with an added 2x6 PT cap rail, an added PT kickboard, or added 4 1x1 wood trims. Premium designs will likely also feature a heavy duty metal panel for higher animal traffic. For example, a Hog wire fence can be more premium with a 6 gauge welded wire.

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