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Use our map tool to calculate the area and perimeter of any surface. You can add multiple areas. You can use it to calculate the size of your backyard or the size of Texas.
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How the Acreage Calculator Works

The Acreage Calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the area and perimeter of any surface. It uses the dimensions you provide to calculate the size of the area in various units such as acres, hectares, square feet, square meters, square miles, and square kilometers. It also calculates the perimeter in feet and meters.

Initial Conversion

The calculator starts by converting the dimensions you provide into a standard unit of measurement. In this case, it converts the dimensions into square feet and the perimeter into feet.

Square Feet = Your Input

Perimeter in Feet = Your Input

Conversion to Square Meters

The calculator then converts the area from square feet to square meters. This is done using the conversion factor of 0.092903.

Square Meters = Square Feet * 0.092903

Calculation of Acres and Hectares

The calculator then uses the square meters to calculate the area in acres and hectares.

Acres = Square Meters * 0.000247105

Hectares = Square Meters * 0.0001

Conversion to Square Miles and Square Kilometers

The calculator also converts the area from square feet to square miles and square kilometers.

Square Miles = Square Feet * 0.00000003587

Square Kilometers = Square Feet * 0.000000092903

Perimeter Conversion

Finally, the calculator converts the perimeter from feet to meters using the conversion factor of 0.3048.

Perimeter in Meters = Perimeter in Feet * 0.3048


Let's say you have a rectangular plot of land that is 100 feet by 200 feet. The area in square feet would be 20,000 square feet and the perimeter would be 600 feet.

Square Feet = 100 feet * 200 feet = 20,000 square feet

Perimeter in Feet = 2*(100 feet + 200 feet) = 600 feet

Using the formulas above, the calculator would then convert these values into the various units of measurement. For example, the area in acres would be calculated as follows:

Acres = 20,000 square feet * 0.092903 * 0.000247105 = 0.46 acres

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