13 Stunning Horizontal Fence Ideas to Transform Your Yard

Be inspired by these 13 different styles of horizontal fences! Find out which design works best for your next home improvement project to transform your yard.
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
June 26, 2023

Get ready to learn all about horizontal fence styles and find just the right design to highlight your outdoor living space. From rustic to modern, from metal to wood to vinyl, check out these incredible horizontal fence ideas.

What is a Horizontal Fence?

When you imagine a traditional front or backyard fence, it’s usually a vertical fence where the fence panels are usually standing up vertically - right? Well, as beautiful as a classic picket fence is, there is an entirely different category of fence styles that has become increasingly popular and can really add curb appeal to your home: the horizontal fence!

A horizontal fence simply means any type of fence that has horizontal boards. This fence design is available in many types of materials, from wood to vinyl to metal. Horizontal fences can have a sleek modern look and they can also take on a more rural feel as well. Let’s go through some different design ideas for stunning horizontal fence ideas that can transform your yard.

1. Horizontal Privacy Fence

A horizontal privacy fence is a great way to spruce up your backyard area and create a more private space for you or your family. Horizontal privacy fences are made up of horizontal boards that have no spaces in between them. The horizontal boards can be wood, vinyl, or metal.

2. Stepped Horizontal Wood Fence

When your property is on a hill, a stepped horizontal wood fence is a stylish solution. With a stepped horizontal wood fence, the same number of fence panels are stacked on top of each other creating the same height for the entire fence. Because the ground is uneven, this creates a step effect.

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3. Horizontal Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the top materials used in horizontal fences - and for good reason. Vinyl fences are long-lasting and require very little maintenance. A horizontal vinyl fence uses horizontal boards that are made of vinyl. These can come in various styles, but one creative idea is a patio fence with small spaces between the boards.

4. Contemporary Horizontal Fence

Many types of horizontal fences have a sleek, contemporary look. These fences go well with homes that have a modern style. A great example of a contemporary horizontal fence is one that is made of cedar horizontal boards along with a black aluminum border either as the top rail or as the fence posts.

5. Horizontal Aluminum Fence

A horizontal fence made of aluminum is a great choice because the material is rust and weather resistant compared to wood. Metal horizontal fences are a great idea for homeowners looking for a modern horizontal fence. A black aluminum fence with metal posts would be a great way to accent lush green landscaping and highlight your outdoor living space.

6. Horizontal Cedar Fence

If you are looking to put in a fence in your front yard, a horizontal cedar fence is a great option. Because front yard fences are lower than backyard, the goal of the fence should be to keep small children and pets inside or to mark the property rather than privacy. Say hello to your new modern wood horizontal fence!

7. Horizontal Garden Fence

For more of a rustic look, consider a horizontal garden fence made of wooden panels. This is a fantastic option is a wooden fence made of horizontal slats that can highlight your outdoor space and the plants and flowers you are growing out there.

8. Woven Wood Fence

A woven wood fence, also known as a basket weave fence, is another rustic looking horizontal fence idea. With a woven wood fence, the horizontal slats are woven behind and in front of the evenly spaced fence posts. It is a creative fence style that offers some, but not complete, privacy.

9. Louvered Horizontal Fence

Imagine a horizontal fence that looks like those beautiful wooden window shades. That’s a louvered horizontal fence. Like a woven wood fence, it is possible to see through this fence so it is not considered a privacy fence, but it does create a more private space while allowing you to see outside of your yard as well if you wanted.

10. Shadow Box Horizontal Fence

Just like the previous couple examples, a shadow box horizontal fence offers some privacy while still allowing you to see through it when you really want to. With this fence style, each horizontal panel is alternated from being in front and behind the fence posts. When you look at it straight on it offers complete privacy.

11. DIY Wooden Pallet Fence

Is there anything wooden pallets can’t do? Wooden pallets are a great material to make a horizontal slat fence out of - especially a shorter dog or pet area fence. These work great because they are low cost yet very durable. They are entire panels of horizontal fences ready to go for your next DIY fence project!

12. Horizontal Reed Fence

This style of horizontal board fences has a simple and modern look to it. Instead of wide horizontal boards either placed closely together or spaced out, a reed fence is made of narrow horizontal boards. The narrow reeds are spaced out evenly leaving some ability to see through to the other side of the fence.

13. Black Horizontal Fence

This horizontal fence design is a great idea for homeowners that have a more contemporary style. The fence can be a metal fence made from aluminum. These are lightweight and durable in all kinds of weather. Or your black horizontal fence can be made of black painted vinyl or high quality wood like redwood or cedar. This is also a good option for a composite fence style!

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