Artificial Turf Backyard Ideas

From backyard putting greens to fire pits to play areas, artificial turf is a low maintenance alternative to real grass that can meet your needs in all kinds of ways!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
October 23, 2023

Are you considering artificial turf for your next landscaping project? Synthetic grass has so many uses and many advantages over natural grass that the article will explain in detail below. If you are ready to look at some front yard and backyard turf ideas that will make your outdoor space stand out, if you would love a year round green lawn, or if you are just interested in browsing some low maintenance outdoor living space design ideas, read on!

Perfectly Green Front Yard

For most homeowners, the most classic artificial turf landscaping idea is simply creating a beautiful front yard. Unlike a natural grass front yard, one with synthetic turf will be perfectly green all year round! In the depths of winter when your neighbors’ lawns are dingy and brown, yours will still look like it is in the peak of spring green! Artificial grass is a low maintenance way to achieve the perfect yard that can boost your curb appeal and make the rest of your landscape design and greenery look that much more beautiful. And forget the lawn mower and fertilizers, because with artificial turf you will not ever need to do any mowing again!

Modern Backyard Patio

There is nothing like a backyard patio to enjoy a summer evening, am I right? With this look, the patio will be part artificial lawn and part concrete pavers. You can space out the concrete pavers with artificial grass in between them for a modern twist. Add a fire pit to your new patio area and you will have a great spot to enjoy a cold drink or roast marshmallows with the kids. Make sure that the type of material you make your fire pit out of goes well with your new concrete pavers. A matching concrete fire pit or a metal fire pit with a modern industrial feel would go well!

Dedicated Dog Run

Another great way to use artificial turf is to create a dog run out of fake grass instead of real grass. This will benefit you in a couple of ways. You will not have to fight to keep real grass alive where your dog, or dogs, like to run, play and use the bathroom. And you can easily spray off the fake grass with a garden hose or pressure washer to ensure it stays clean even with heavy use. Adding in an artificial grass dog run is a good idea if you have a small backyard that you want your kids to be able to play in without worrying about pet waste, or if the only space you have for the dogs is in a side yard.

Backyard Putting Green

Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal golf course to practice on every day? Well, artificial grass gives you the opportunity to have a perfectly manicured backyard putting green of your very own! You will have all of the fun with none of the work. Artificial lawns are famously low maintenance, and the only thing you will need to do to keep your very own putting green looking its best is to spray it down with your garden hose every once in a while to clear any dirt and debris that might have accumulated. Be sure to choose an artificial turf with a short pile height, or height of the blades of fake grass, for your putting green for optimal putting. There are also varying weights of the artificial grass, so be sure to consult with your artificial grass installation company to ensure you get the best type for your putting green.

Private Pool Oasis

Surrounding your backyard pool with artificial turf is a great idea for a few reasons. Artificial grass is less slippery than other types of materials families surround their swimming pools with like concrete or even wood decks. If kids do slip and fall while running around, fake turf is a lot nicer to land on than the other alternatives! Another advantage of surrounding your swimming pool with synthetic turf is that your pool will stay cleaner. With natural grass around the pool, there would be a lot more debris traveling into the pool on muddy feet. You also will not have to worry about chemicals from fertilizers or pesticides making their way into the pool from a natural lawn when you have fake grass instead. Be sure to pick the best backing for the artificial turf that will absorb water quickly and keep you from having water puddles around the pool!

Kids Dream Play Area

Having your own playground in your backyard is pretty much every kid’s dream. And you can make that dream come true with synthetic turf as the base for your play area. Fake grass instead of natural grass in your kids play area is a better choice for several reasons: it is low maintenance and does not need to be watered or mowed like natural lawns, it is eco-friendly and does not need fertilizers or pesticides so you will not have to worry about what your child is being exposed to, and you can adjust the bouncy-ness of the ground by choosing from different types of backing material that goes under the fake grass. That way when your kids are playing, you can relax instead of working on the lawn or worrying about your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of maintenance does artificial grass require?

Artificial grass does not require that much maintenance - in fact, the only thing you will need to take care of your fake grass is a garden hose! Say goodbye to your lawn mower, fertilizers and pesticides, because you will not need them anymore to have a perfectly manicured and year round green yard. Just hose down the synthetic turf about once a week to keep debris from accumulating and to clear it of any dust or dirt.

Can artificial grass be customized?

Artificial grass comes in different pile heights and weights. And synthetic turf also comes with different options for types of backing, or the material that goes under the fake grass that helps with drainage. So, yes, you can customize by choosing lower or taller heights of grass. For example, for a putting green you would likely want a very short pile height. As far as weights, that is a decision that needs to be based more on how you plan to use it. Do you want it to be more durable, or feel better on your bare feet? Finally, as far as the backing, you can choose a soft and bouncy backing for play areas or the standard backing for things like regular yards or dog runs.

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