Six Ideas to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis with these unique ideas! Build your backyard into a paradise that you won't want to leave.
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
December 5, 2023

Have you been thinking about giving your backyard outdoor space a much needed makeover? It is easier than you think to create your own backyard oasis. Whether you are thinking about a DIY project or something that requires professional installation, there are endless ways to remake your outdoor living space. The ideas in this article will work for both small backyards and big backyards. Our ideas incorporate a couple of trends right now: fun with artificial grass and creative fence projects. Artificial grass can be ideal for some homeowners, especially in states like California that experience drought and where watering a lawn is not always possible. Also, simply updating your fence can really highlight your outdoor living space.

Let’s go over some simple design ideas to make your backyard into the relaxing oasis of your dreams! Want to shop our favorite products to make your outdoor space an oasis? Check out our curated storefront for one-stop-shopping! 

Artificial Grass Putting Green

Do you love golf? Why not transform your backyard into your own personal golf course. Artificial putting greens are easier than ever to have installed because of the growing popularity of artificial turf. Give your backyard patio a makeover by having an artificial grass putting green installed! This is a fun decorating idea that works well with even a small backyard or on a small patio. You could place the putting green under an awning, pergola, or gazebo so that you do not have to be out in the hot sun during the summer months. Because of the small area of a putting green, this is a budget-friendly backyard oasis idea. And trust me, installing a putting green in your backyard will make it an unforgettable outdoor area! If you wanted to top off your artificial grass putting green with even more backyard fun, you could consider having an outdoor kitchen installed nearby. That way you can putt away without having to go inside for sustenance!

Artificial Grass Backyards

If you love the idea of a perfectly green manicured back lawn but hate the idea of the maintenance that requires, an artificial grass backyard could be a great idea for you! Artificial grass gives your backyard a lush, green landscape design without all of the work. You will not have to mow, edge, water or apply pesticides or fertilizers if you get synthetic grass. Without fertilizers or pesticides, the whole family can enjoy the backyard without worrying about harmful chemicals. Once you have your new artificial grass backyard installed you can move on to other features. To improve the ambiance of your backyard space, choose a focal point like a fire pit, hot tub, or pergola with patio furniture underneath it, and then consider different landscaping ideas. Think about outdoor lighting, like string lights, and even an outdoor rug. Or you could keep it simple and put up a trellis with climbing greenery and a hammock. There are so many backyard ideas to choose from!

Artificial Grass Play Area

More and more public playgrounds and backyard play areas are opting for artificial grass over real grass or other materials like gravel or bark chips. That’s because artificial grass can be tailored to many kinds of needs, is much nicer to fall on, and requires much less maintenance. A short pile height means that the individual blades of synthetic grass - known as yarns - will stand up to heavy traffic and be durable enough for jumping, running, and playing on. Making sure to have a good thatch layer, the layer that imitates the dead or dying blades of grass that would be present in real grass, will make the surface even softer. Another option you can tailor is the infill material, which acts like sand would in real grass. And you can even get infill material that is self-cooling to avoid the artificial grass play area getting too hot in the summer sun. Finally, there is a cushioning layer that you can also customize so that the play area will be safe enough for kids to fall from the highest features - known as the fall height rating. This artificial grass play area will be fun for the whole family, especially if you set up an outdoor living room for the older family members to lounge on while the kids play!

Solid Fence Stain

If your backyard is in need of a budget-friendly, DIY style makeover, look no further than a trendy solid fence stain. Most people have the image of a see-through protective layer in their minds when they think about a fence stain. And although there are transparent and tinted semi-transparent stains as well, solid fence stains will completely color your wood fence while letting the grain patterns shine through. This is one of those DIY projects you could do in a weekend that will improve the ambiance of your backyard and liven things up while also improving the functionality of your wooden fence. Solid fence stains protect your wooden fence from moisture and weathering, and even offer some UV protection due to the tinted coloring in the stain. A trendy color like blue, yellow can give your outdoor living space a totally new, funky look. A color like charcoal gray or black has a modern look to it that can really make your greenery pop!

Boxed Wire Garden Fence

Another way to make your outdoor space more creative is to get a boxed wire fence put up around your garden. Garden fences are great for keeping your pets or other unwelcome animals out of your garden. And a boxed wire fence has a hippie, farm chic look that is increasingly popular in backyards in the city, too! You could incorporate design ideas like making your boxed wire fence into a trellis. Get climbing plants planted near the boxed wire fence and your greenery and plants can grow up the wire and give your backyard space even more of a secret garden vibe. To complete the look, how about some string lights and a hammock nearby? You could even throw in a fire pit or a water feature with outdoor furniture around it. Or if you want to keep it simple, get basic outdoor decor like a coffee table made from rattan separated from the rest of your outdoor area with a privacy screen.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

A vinyl privacy fence is the best way to make your backyard into an outdoor oasis that you can lounge in without the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby. Imagine your own, private hot tub with string lights for ambiance and patio furniture surrounding it. Maybe there is a pergola above your new hot tub. You could give your outdoor living space near the tub a makeover by putting in some concrete pavers to create a backyard patio that you actually want to hang out on. Putting up a vinyl privacy fence is an idea that works even if you have a really small backyard. Vinyl privacy fences are available in different heights, styles, and colors.

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