Artificial Grass for Kids' Play Areas

Want to transform your yard into the perfect kids' play area? Adding artificial grass can make your property a safe and eco-friendly spot for kids' outdoor activities!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
May 12, 2023

Increasing numbers of families are choosing synthetic playground turf for their children’s play areas over real grass. That’s because there are many advantages to choosing artificial grass over a natural lawn.

From safety features and eco-friendly options to being low maintenance, there are good reasons why more and more parents are opting for artificial turf to put under their children’s playground equipment over real grass.

If you decide to install artificial grass, you will see those benefits and more and you will also no longer need to put up with the disadvantages of natural grass! Gone are the days of worrying about how your kids’ playing might damage your lawn. No more muddy feet running back inside after playtime and dirtying up your floors!

Artificial grass has been used in commercial playgrounds for playground grass, on putting greens, and for pet turf for decades. It has proven itself as a great alternative to having a natural lawn. Let’s go over some of the advantages of opting for synthetic turf for your kids’ play area!

Artificial grass play area safety

Having artificial grass in your backyard instead of real grass offers some important safety benefits. Many daycare centers and even some public playgrounds are choosing artificial grass to put under the playground equipment because of the advantages it offers!

Those advantages come from how synthetic grass is installed and the different layers involved. If you decide to install artificial grass step one is to clear the land of any objects or debris and cover it with a layer of sand. This alone helps make the area safer - no rocks or roots left to trip over! On top of removing any potential hazards from the area, the next step when you install artificial grass is to put in a shock absorbing layer called an underlayment on top of the sand.

There are different widths of foam padding to choose from for the underlayment and getting a little extra tall foam padding is a must for play areas where children could fall. Underlayment pads made of rubber crumbs and rubber mulch have been used for decades and proven to increase safety in children’s play areas. This shock absorption will make a real difference for your kids if they take a tumble.

Once you have enough foam padding under the artificial turf to make it safe for the type of activities that are going to happen there, the turf itself can also help keep your kids safe. That’s because some brands of artificial grass are also antimicrobial. Antimicrobial means that they kill bacteria and mold or stops them from growing and causing disease.

Non-toxic artificial grass play areas

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, synthetic grass can be eco-friendly! Although early versions of artificial grass products were simply made from plastic, there are companies making more eco-conscious versions of synthetic turf. Some companies now use recycled materials for the grass! Some companies even use plant-based materials to make their turf products so that they are natural, renewable and recyclable!

Another way fake grass can be more environmentally friendly than real grass is that it doesn’t need regular watering like a natural lawn. Artificial turf does need to be sprayed off with a hose now and then, but not even close to how often you have to water a natural lawn. Spraying off your synthetic lawn a few times a year should suffice!

Synthetic grass requires far fewer chemicals to thrive than real grass does. Your artificial grass will always look green and healthy without having to worry about fertilizing it or applying pesticides. On top of being environmentally friendly, you will enjoy peace of mind and not have to worry about your kids being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals when they are playing.

Low-maintenance artificial grass play areas

Comparing synthetic grass to real grass in terms of maintenance is a no brainer!

As we described earlier, synthetic turf does need a spray down with your garden hose every once in a while. But while real grass needs to be watered daily during the summer in a lot of places, your artificial turf just needs to be hosed down a few times a year to clear any dust, dirt, or debris off of it.

One other easy thing you can do to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh is to brush it now and then. How often depends on your use of the artificial lawn. In high traffic areas you may need to brush it more often than in other areas.

Using your broom, brush in the opposite direction of how the grass is laying down to fluff it up. This simple process will restore areas of your synthetic lawn that have become matted over time. Just be sure not to over brush your grass. This is not something you have to do every day. But do try to brush your artificial lawn about once a month. This will keep your grass blades looking fluffy and standing up. Brushing your grass will also help you remove any debris that has accumulated on your lawn.

Did you notice what is not on the list of maintenance chores for artificial turf? Landscaping. You will not have to go out in the heat of summer to mow and edge your lawn. No more carrying bags full of cut grass to the garbage can. Your synthetic grass will look beautiful and green without you having to do any of those types of chores.

Ready for an artificial grass play area?

As you have seen, there are many good reasons to consider getting artificial grass installed in play areas. The extra padding and shock absorption help increase safety. Antimicrobial grass blades help keep kids from getting sick.

Some brands of synthetic grass are eco-friendly and actually could be considered good for the environment when compared with a natural lawn. They also require far less water and no fertilizers or pesticides to look green all year!

Having artificial grass put in for your playground turf will also decrease the number of chores you have to do at home. No landscaping required whatsoever! Just a spray every now and then with your garden hose and a fluff with your broom in high traffic areas.

If you are ready to find out more about installing artificial grass in your children’s play area, Ergeon can help! Get ready to enjoy a safe, environmentally-friendly and low maintenance play surface that is long-lasting and natural-looking!

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