12 Stunning Wood Fence Color Ideas for Your Yard

Check out these 12 amazing and unique wood fence colors! Browse the different options to pick the shade you love best for your fence!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
July 10, 2023

Is the color on your painted fence faded? Or have you decided to paint your fence in a solid exterior paint color instead of using a stain or natural wood color? Increasingly, fence design is favoring solid fence paint colors over stains and for good reasons. Painting your wooden fence can make it look like you got a brand new fence. Let’s go over some wood fence color ideas that can make your fence look brand new and increase your curb appeal!

1. Classic Sky Blue

A fresh coat of sky blue paint is a beautiful choice for an outdoor wooden fence. This unusual fence color choice is unexpected and different. A light blue color over your fence panels that blends in with the color of a summer blue sky is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s mood.

2. Dramatic Charcoal

Charcoal is a dramatic color and a bold choice for painting your wooden fence. Starting from a more neutral or faded color, charcoal will instantly modernize the look of your outdoor space when you apply it to your wood fence. If you choose this fence paint color for your garden fence, your greenery will really pop in contrast!

3. Light Smokey Gray

A light gray paint color goes with anything. This neutral color option for home decor will allow you to put the focus on other things like outdoor patio furniture or colorful landscaping. On top of all of that, it is a great way to achieve a modern look without being too dramatic.

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4. Dark Walnut

Sometimes what started as a beautiful wood fence fades into a muted gray and homeowners long for a more striking hue while maintaining the natural look of a wooden fence. Walnut is the perfect choice for updating your fence while keeping a wood color. It is a neutral choice for a background for your home’s exterior and a great way to give your tired wooden fence a makeover!

5. Natural Wood Stain

Maybe you are not in the market for a solid paint color to cover your fence with and you like the more natural hues that you get with natural wood. A natural wood fence stain on a redwood or cedar fence will help you brighten up your wooden fence. You can even choose from different hues for wood stains - whether it's clear, orange, red or brown there are tints for every homeowner! And unlike solid paint, the wood grain will be highlighted instead of covered up.

6. Factory Finish White

There is nothing more classic than a perfectly painted white picket fence. White is the go-to choice for front yard picket fences, but they are also a great option for privacy fences as well. Like darker colors, white can also create a modern look and create the perfect background for patio furniture or plants. With white paint over your wood fence, you can achieve the clean polished look of a vinyl fence without the expense.

7. Solid Black

Similar to charcoal, a solid black fence is a great way to modernize the look of your property. With a deep black fence, your green or colorful landscaping will definitely pop in contrast. A dramatic black fence is another perfect way to create a stunning background in your next home improvement project. Black is also a great choice for painting your wood privacy fence.

8. Warm and Inviting Brown

Just like walnut colored paint, a brown paint is an effective way to update your wooden fence without changing the color significantly. You can keep the natural wood tones while creating a more polished look. Unlike a stain color, a brown paint will cover up the natural features found in wooden fences. Brown is also a great choice for painting a new pergola!

9. Natural Earth Tones

Using a warm color with a brownish hue is a good option if you are looking to avoid more jarring colors. Or maybe the orange or red-toned stain on your wooden fence does not match well with how your house is painted. You can try a different light brown color that works better for your property.

10. Dark and Bold Navy

Although many homeowners prefer a natural wood toned stain or the classic white picket fence, a dark and bold color choice can really make the rest of your property pop in contrast. Whether it is your landscaping that it highlights or other things like lawn furniture, navy colored paint provides a dramatic background.

11. Natural Green

Some of the earliest fences were made of green hedges. So although green might not be the first color choice that pops into your head when thinking about painting your fence, a good natural green can be a great choice. It can even make your backyard look bigger like it is an extension of your green lawn.

12. Sunshiny Yellow

Yellow is a fun and unexpected paint color choice for a wooden fence. A yellow painted fence is guaranteed to brighten up your day as soon as you see it. Yellow is an optimistic and joyous color and will become a focal point of your outdoor living space. Although it has been popular for interior design uses for years, yellow painted fences will definitely get your home noticed. You can even combine yellow with other colors like painting some of the slats white.  

How to Choose a Fence Color?

Are you thinking about painting your wooden fence but just do not know where to start when it comes to picking out the color? It can be hard to decide on a color that will cover so much of your outdoor space. There are some questions to keep in mind when you are considering colors that might help you narrow the list down a bit. First, are you looking for a neutral fence color or something more dramatic and bold? Natural tones will help your fence blend in with its surroundings while a bold color - whether it is black or navy blue - will make your landscaping and outdoor furniture pop in contrast. Finally, do you want a color that will brighten up your backyard or a traditional class white fence? Colors like yellow or green can definitely compliment your outdoor space, but you will need to consider what colors are already in your yard to make sure the colors will not contrast in a bad way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular fence color?

The all-time, most popular fence color is classic white, as in a traditional white picket fence. White is classic for wooden fences as well as fences from other types of fencing materials like vinyl. It is elegant and matches any settings. According to a quick Google search however, the most popular paint color for wood fences for 2023 is Cordovan Brown. This is a dark, almost charcoal gray brown color that achieves a sleek and modern look.

What is the best color to paint an outdoor fence?

The best color for an outdoor fence depends on what your intentions are for the fence. So the answer to this question will be different for everyone. If you want to stay as close to a natural wood fence as possible, a brown paint color would be a good choice. If you want a dramatic background, black or charcoal gray would be the best colors. However, if you are looking for a colorful option then yellow or green are bright and cheerful options for your outdoor space.

What color fence is least noticeable?

The least noticeable color for your wooden fence would be a paint color that is closest to the natural look of your fence. With this purpose in mind, a wood colored stain or a brown solid paint would be the best choice. With a stain, the wood grain and other details of the wood in your fence will still be noticeable. With a solid paint color, those details in your fence will be covered up. Either way, going with a wood colored stain or brown paint will ensure your fence does not get noticed for its color!

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