Why Installing a Fence is a Wise Investment

Any project for your home is a big decision. Choosing to repair or replace your fence is a wise investment into your property!
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson
Last Update:
August 16, 2022

Any project for your home or property is a big decision.

Repairing or replacing your fence is no exception. If you're still determining whether or not a fence is a wise investment- here are some factors you should consider. 

Curb Appeal

Your fence is the first impression of your property and of your home. A beautiful fence adds value to your home- which is a great benefit whether you're looking to sell in the near future or later down the road. Your fence defines your space by delineating your property lines, too. 

Utility and Privacy

Your fence needs to do what you need it to! Whether you need to keep animals in (or out), to make it safer for your kids to play outside, or to increase the privacy at your property- the right fence can help.

Nail Up Fence

The classic "nail up" fence is simple and sturdy. This fence normally consists of non-overlapping, side-by-side boards. Typically, this style will use "dog-eared" boards or regular flat top boards. It's a great way to add privacy to your yard, and this style is often the most economical. 

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 Picture Frame Fence

The picture frame fence gets its name from the cap and bottom rail that "frames" the fence. Sometimes these fences can be known as "good neighbor fences," because the overlapping boards can make the fence look the same from both sides. Adding a lattice can provide more privacy to your yard. Typically, a lattice will be around one foot in height and consist of crisscrossing strips of wood. In addition to the privacy benefits, a lattice can complete the aesthetic look you want for your fence.

Box Wire Fence

The fence style that combines wood posts with metal or plastic wiring in-between is called a box wire fence. It's also sometimes referred to as a deer fence, a hybrid fence, and a wood and wire fence. The primary advantage of choosing a box wire fence is the ability to keep animals in or out. The grid of plastic or metal wires combined with sturdy wood posts means that you can keep out small animals like rabbits, or larger animals like deer (hence the name 'deer fence.') In addition to practical considerations for wildlife, box wire fences can add a barrier to your property without obstructing the full view like a traditional wood fence. Box wire fences costs are also reasonable, at between $1 and $15 per linear foot on average.


With the right care and maintenance, your fence will last for a very long time. By taking simple steps yourself, you can ensure your fence stays looking great for longer. Whereas additions or improvements to the interior of the home are more subject to changing trends and styles, a classic fence will never go out of style. If your fence ever does incur damage from something like a storm, there's a good chance that some of the costs would be covered by a warranty or by your homeowner's insurance. 

Cost savings 

Did you know that your new fence could save you money on your taxes? It's true. In many cases, a new fence can be a tax deduction. That's because spending money on an improvement that adds significant value to your home (like a fence!) can qualify you for deductions either in the short-term (if the improvements are for a business or rental property) or the long-term (if it's for your primary residence). In some cases, it's also possible to split the cost of a new fence with your neighbor- like by installing a good neighbor fence. Some companies, like Ergeon, even offer financing options for qualified projects.

Learn more about how your fence can be tax deductible.

Always Use a Professional

It's important to note that many of the benefits of investing in a new fence won't apply if you choose to build a fence yourself. While it is certainly possibly to DIY a fence, we strongly discourage it for safety considerations and considerations about long-term costs that are likely to build-up from a DIY fence.

Whether your old fence needs a makeover or you're interested in installing a brand new fence, it's a great investment for your property. Once you decide to move forward, it can even be fun to pick out the right fence style for you and your family.

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