Which Redwood Grade is Right for Your Fence?

January 31, 2020

If you’re getting a new redwood fence, you may have noticed that there are different types of redwood that you can choose from. In this post, we’ll go over the different grades of redwood that we offer, which includes Con Common, Con Heart, and Clear Heart. 

Redwood Con Common

Redwood Con Common is often used for fences in California. “Con Common” is short for “Construction Common” which means that the wood can be used for basic construction projects like fences. It comes from the outer edge of the log (sapwood), and the colors can vary from shades of ivory, tan, brown, red, or pink. It’s also the most affordable option for a redwood fence. 

You can read more about wood fence costs on our fence cost guide.

Redwood Con Heart

Redwood Con Heart comes from closer to the center of the log, also known as the “heartwood”. This is more expensive than Con Common but it’s also higher quality. It has a more robust color, fewer visible knots, and is also more resistant to pests and rot. 

Another option for Con Heart is Redwood Con Heart S4S, which has been sanded on all four sides so that it’s completely smooth. This option is significantly more expensive, but perfect for anyone who wants their fence to have a smooth and uniform appearance.

Redwood Clear Heart

Redwood Clear Heart includes specially selected pieces of heartwood that are virtually free from knots and other defects. This creates a very clean and elegant appearance for the pickets. In terms of function, it’s equal to normal Con Heart but is more visually appealing overall. 

Ultimately, your budget and personal design preferences will determine which redwood grade you choose for your fence. Con Common is the most popular and affordable, but Con Heart and Clear Heart are both excellent choices for anyone who wants greater quality and curb appeal.

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