To Repair or to Replace Your Fence?

June 2, 2020

Does your fence need some TLC? Maybe there is damage from a recent storm, or just part of your fence needs attention. Many people need to fix their fence but don’t have room in their budget for a full replacement. If this sounds like you, a fence repair can be a smart and cost-effective choice. 

We are excited to announce that we are now offering fence repair services in addition to full replacements. 

Options are always good- but now that you have the option, how do you decide? Let’s walk through some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to repair or replace your fence.  


Money matters. If your home improvement budget doesn’t have room right now for a full replacement, fence repair is a great option. Most companies don’t offer repairs because it isn’t time-effective or cost-effective for them to take on smaller projects. Not us. Our remote quoting process allows us to easily assess your property’s needs and give you a free quote (usually within 24 hours!) Whereas a full replacement from Ergeon requires a minimum project order of $1,500, a repair only requires a minimum of $1,000. That means you can get your fence looking great for less money AND in less time.

If you’re conscious about the project budget, hiring a handyman for a repair may seem like a bargain- but it can actually leave you worse off. A handyman will not have the correct tools or experience and may end up further damaging your fence- costing you more down the line. 

There’s also the issue of liability. Fence construction can consist of digging deep into your property- which poses the risk of hitting water or gas lines.  Under California State Law, your property must be surveyed by an “Underground Service Alert” organization before any digging can occur for precisely this reason. Ergeon takes care of this for every project. However, if an unlicensed handyman runs into any of the many potential issues, it’s you who will bear the cost. 

We also offer a warranty. A handyman or unlicensed contractor isn’t going to have a warranty for their work. That means that the costs for any issues that may occur fall squarely on your shoulders. 

Our team is experienced and has a track record of success in this area- we take away the stress of the entire project- from start to finish.


A repair is designed to improve or fix only part of your fence. Generally, if you have a newer fence that looks good except for one isolated area- repairing may be the right choice. This isolated damage could be from things such as a fallen branch or other obstruction to the fencing that left a small portion damaged. In this instance, a repair is a feasible option that won’t alter or take away from the look of your fence. 

However, depending on the material of your fence, a partial repair can cause an undesirable appearance. Wood, for example, changes in color as it ages. Meaning that if you choose to only repair parts of the fence, it can turn out to be a mixture of colors and textures and look sloppily done.

If you like the look of your current fence but see small spots for improvement, repair is recommended. If you’re interested in changing the overall style of your fence or if large portions of your fence need fixing, then it’s time to replace! 

If you need inspiration for different styles of fence or testimonies from past projects we’ve done in your area, you can view them on our map feature.


There are some basic things a fence needs to achieve: the planks should be in good condition so they don’t break or whither with time, the fence structure should be strong so that it doesn’t fall or start to lean, and the posts should provide stability to their corresponding section of the fence. 

If the majority of your fence is in decent condition but there are a few areas of concern, scheduling a repair would be the best option. A repair job can be anything from replacing a few planks to fixing a small section of your fence line. 

However, if your current fence is structurally unstable, or you simply just don’t like it anymore, a full replacement would be the way to go. Your fence needs to do what you need it to. If your current fence is meeting your needs except for the area of damage, repairing it makes sense. 

But, if your current fence is structurally unstable, doesn’t provide enough privacy, or otherwise isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time to replace!

It’s worth it to invest in your home and ensure your fence is making the right impression. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace you can trust our proven record of delivering quality service and putting you first. 

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Our service representatives are available to provide support or answer questions every step of the way. We’ve even developed a customer app that allows you to easily keep track of your project.

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