4 Simple Ways to Heighten a Chain Link Fence

Say goodbye to expensive fence replacements or ugly extensions. Discover 4 easy methods to transform your existing chain link fence into a taller and more effective one!
Veda Yalamanchili
Veda Yalamanchili
Last Update:
October 17, 2023

Looking to boost the privacy and security of your property? A chain link fence is a practical option, but what if you need a little more height? While chain link fences are durable and affordable, they can sometimes feel a bit too short. Luckily, there are several simple ways to elevate your fence's height without the need for extensive construction or costly materials. Whether you want to DIY or explore creative solutions, here are 4 techniques that will not only increase your existing chain link fence's height but also enhance its functionality and appeal.

1. Install Fence Post Extenders

When it comes to extending the height of your chain link fence, one of the simplest and most effective methods is installing fence post extenders. These extenders are designed to increase the height of your existing fence, providing added security and privacy to your property. The design of these extenders is simple yet effective – they consist of metal sleeves or tubes that fit over the top of your fence posts and are then secured with screws or clamps. This allows you to easily add additional length to your fence without removing or replacing any existing posts. Fence post extenders are typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum. They come in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits the diameter of your existing posts.

The installation process for these extenders is relatively straightforward and can be done by most DIY enthusiasts. What makes fence post extenders an ideal choice is their ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Unlike other methods that may require more time and labor, extenders offer a quick and hassle-free solution. They work by essentially adding an extra layer to your fence posts, achieving the desired height increase without compromising the stability of your fence. Overall, installing fence post extenders offers homeowners an affordable way to increase privacy and security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

​​2. Using PVC or New Line Posts to Extend Fence Posts

Using PVC or new line posts to extend chain link fence posts is a cost-effective and practical solution for homeowners who want to add height or stability to their existing fence. The design of this method involves attaching additional posts, made from vinyl-coated pipes or sturdy new line material, on top of the existing chain link posts. These extensions are then secured with brackets or clips, ensuring a secure connection that can withstand external forces such as wind or pressure. Using PVC pipes is a creative and cost-effective way to extend chain link fence posts. With this design, you can simply slide the PVC pipe over the existing post, securing it with screws or adhesive if necessary.

The advantage of using PVC is its versatility - you can easily cut it to your desired length and paint it any color you like. Additionally, PVC pipes are durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, making them a long-lasting solution for fence post extension. PVC posts are typically less expensive than line posts, but they are not as strong. Attaching decorative elements such as trellises or flower boxes along the extended section can transform an ordinary fence into a visually appealing feature in the yard. Moreover, incorporating climbing plants along these extended sections can create a lush green wall that not only enhances privacy but also adds beauty to any outdoor space.

3. Add Fabric to the Top of Your Fence

If you're seeking an innovative and cost-effective way to enhance the chain link fence height, privacy, and overall appeal, consider adding fabric to the top of the fence. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right fabric for your fence extension. Whether you prefer solid colors for a clean and modern look or vibrant patterns to add a touch of personality, there is an option that will suit your style. Additionally, the fabric can be easily customized with graphics or logos, allowing you to showcase your individuality.

To extend the height of your chain link fence with fabric, start by measuring the length of each section that needs coverage. Purchase enough material to cover the desired height and length, ensuring you have some extra for overlapping purposes. Attach grommets along all four sides of the fabric using a grommet tool kit. These grommets will serve as anchor points for securing the fabric onto the fence. Once all the grommets are in place, use zip ties or bungee cords to fasten them tightly onto your chain link fence. Carefully crafted fabric creates an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for plants and landscaping features in your yard while offering some shade during those hot summer days.

4. Add Welded Wire to the Top of Your Fence

Adding welded wire or barbed wire to the top of a chain link fence is another simple yet useful way to extend its height. This additional layer not only increases privacy but also provides added security for your property. When considering this modification, it is important to choose a welded wire mesh that matches the existing chain link fence in terms of color and gauge thickness. This ensures a seamless integration that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, whether you're aiming for a modern, industrial look or a more rustic charm.

When it comes to actually installing the welded wire onto your existing fence, there are several methods you can use. One simple option is attaching it directly to the top rail using zip ties or metal clips. Another approach is sandwiching it between two rails by adding an extra rail near the top of your chain link fence structure. This method provides additional stability while also keeping the appearance sleek and seamless.

To enhance both functionality and aesthetics, consider incorporating some creative ideas into your design. For example, you could opt for decorative posts or caps along with ornamental latches for added visual appeal. Another idea is to add climbing plants or vines along the length of your extended chain link fence height to create a natural green screen effect that adds beauty and further improves privacy. Based on your local regulation and need you can use barbed wire to enhance the privacy of your fence.

How to Extend Your 4’ Chain Link Fence to a 6’ Fence

Are you tired of feeling like your privacy is compromised with a 4-foot chain link fence? Do you long for a higher barrier that keeps prying eyes at bay? Well, look no further! Here is a step-by-step guide that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully increase your fence's height.

1. Assess and Measure

Before you embark on any modification, it's essential to evaluate the existing fence to determine its condition and suitability for an extension. Carefully examine the condition of your fence, the integrity of the posts, mesh, and overall structure. Look out for signs of rust or damage that may compromise the stability of the fence. Identify any areas that need repair or reinforcement before proceeding with a height increase. Using a measuring tape, determine the exact length of your current chain link fence. Note down these measurements as they will be used to calculate the amount of additional materials required for the project.

2. Select the Right Materials

After assessing and measuring your chain link fence, selecting the right materials is the next crucial step for a sturdy and successful project. When choosing fence materials, one must consider factors such as durability, compatibility with existing fence components, and cost.

Below is a list of the materials you will need to extend your 4' chain link fence to a 6' metal fence. If you want a one-stop-shop to purchase the required supplies, visit our storefront. We've added the necessary tools in one spot for your convenience! 

3. Dismantle the Old Fencing

To remove the old fence, start by removing the wire ties that secure the chain link fencing to the existing posts. Once the wire ties are removed, you can simply pull the chain link fencing off the posts. If the chain link fencing is old and rusty, you may need to use a crowbar to pry it off the posts. Once the chain link fencing is removed, you can dispose of it properly. If you need more information on how to dismantle your old chain link fence, take a look at this article which will guide you during every step.

4. Elevate the Fence Posts

To elevate the fence posts, you will need to slide PVC pipes or new line posts over the existing fence posts. Ideally, the PVC pipes or new line posts should be 2ft longer than the desired height of the fence. Once the PVC pipes or new line posts are in place, mark the position for the extension 1ft from the top of the existing post. Fasten the extension to the post using a drill and screws. Make sure the posts are level and secure to prevent them from falling over. Use galvanized screws to prevent the posts from rusting.

5. Assemble the Frame

Now that our fence posts are taller, it's time to put together the frame for our 6-foot fence. Begin by placing the fence toppers or caps securely on top of the elevated fence posts – these caps provide structural integrity and a finished appearance. Reattach the horizontal connectors, which act as the backbone of the fence. These connectors will be positioned between the posts, spanning the distance to create the essential framework. Remember, the frame should be straight and strong.

6. Install the New Chain Link

Now that the frame is in position, it's time to attach the new chain link fence. This is where the real transformation takes place. First, we need to attach the chain link to the frame. Carefully unroll and stretch out a section of chain link along one side of the fence. Make sure it is aligned with the top and bottom rails of the frame. Using pliers, secure one end of the chain link to a tension band at one corner of the frame. Continue attaching the rest of the chain link by sliding each end into a tension band and fastening it securely with pliers. As you go along, make sure to keep an even tension on each section so that your fence remains sturdy and straight. Once all sections are attached, cut any excess chain link with wire cutters for a clean finish.

7. Inspect and Reinforce

Once you have finished installing the new chain link fencing, take some time to inspect the entire fence. Look for any loose or damaged wire ties, and make sure that the fence is level. If you find any loose or damaged wire ties, tighten them or replace them as needed. If the fence is not level, you can adjust the wire ties to make it level. You may also want to consider reinforcing the fence in some areas. This is especially important if your fence is located in an area with high winds or heavy snowfall. You can reinforce the fence by adding additional wire ties or by installing braces. Tighten loose bolts using a wrench to ensure a secure connection between the different components of the fence. You may also need to take steps to fill gaps in your chain link fence if there is damage that occurs.

In conclusion, there are several simple and effective ways to heighten a chain link fence. Whether you want to keep intruders out, prevent prying eyes from peeking into your yard, or simply create a more visually appealing space, these strategies provide practical solutions that anyone can implement. Don't settle for a standard chain link fence when you have the opportunity to make it stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a professional to take care of your chain link fence extension project, contact Ergeon today and we will take your fence to new heights!

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