Featured Fence Installation: Heidi C. from Lincoln Village, CA

Heidi needed a new fence, so she did some digging on HomeAdvisor and found Ergeon.
Jimmy Soldatos
Jimmy Soldatos
Last Update:
October 21, 2021

Project Specifications

Fence Style: Dog Eared Nail-Up with Kickboard

Fence Material: Con Common Redwood

Gates: 2

Length: 101 linear feet

Request Date: July 28th, 2018

Installation Date: August 14th to August 16th 2018

Heidi needed a new fence, so she did some digging on HomeAdvisor to look for local California fence contractors and found Ergeon.

In just 10 days, Harold, one of our on-site estimators, visited her to discuss what kind of fence she wanted. Harold spent time chatting with Heidi to get an idea of what she was looking for. He recommended a kickboard for the fence in order to prolong its lifespan, because kickboards use treated wood and can help prevent future rot and pest infestation.

One week later, it was time for the fence to be installed by Ray and his crew. The speed of scheduling surprised Heidi, as she had heard of other contractors that wouldn't be able to install a fence until 3 months from now.

Heidi had broken her ankle a few months before, so her mobility was limited. To keep her updated without making her get up to go outside, Ray would call her to let her know what was being done. Ray would also make sure to arrive early in the morning, so he could meet Heidi's daughter before she needed to leave for work. This way he could be certain that everyone was on the same page.

By August 16th, the fence was completed and Heidi was happy with her brand new fence.

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