Featured Fence Installation: Louie E. from Berkeley, CA

February 27, 2019

Project Specifications

Fence Style: Picture Frame board-on-board flat top with integrated 2’ retaining wall

Fence Material: Con Common Redwood

Length: 26 Linear Feet

Request Date: January 7th, 2019

Installation Date: February 17th, 2019

Louie’s fence was old and was blown over by strong winds during a storm in January. He knew he would need a complete replacement, so he began the search for a fence contractor in the Bay Area.

Louie and his neighbors shopped around for a few different fence contractors, but ultimately went with us because our of our price and responsiveness.

After some minor delays with getting utilities marked by the utility company, Louie had his installation date scheduled. He had some preferences for which day the installation would take place and was pleasantly surprised that we had a crew to do the work on a Sunday.

Roy showed up with his crew and installed the fence in one day. Louie noted that “The crew was quick, polite, their work was good and they were neat & clean.”

Louie was happy with the job overall and said  “The fence is sturdy and looks good. I will definitely call you for my other fence.”

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