Featured Fence Installation: Geoffrey D. from Danville, CA

Check out this amazing fence installation in Danville, CA! The customer was thrilled with how the fence turned out.
Jimmy Soldatos
Jimmy Soldatos
Last Update:
October 21, 2021

Project Specifications

Fence Style: 7' Picture Frame board-on-board flat top

Fence Material: Con Common Redwood

Length: 130 Linear Feet

Request Date: January 12th, 2019

Installation Date: February 28th to March 1st, 2019

Geoffrey needed to replace the old fence at the back of his property. He searched for a few different fence installers near Oakland for the project and decided to go with us. He mentioned that our professionalism and customer service were the important deciding factors.

While the rainy weather made it difficult to start the installation, Geoffrey was understanding and ultimately happy with the time it took to begin.

Roy showed up on the installation day and replaced the fence with his crew over the course of two days.

Geoffrey remarked: "It went fine and there was no problem. The fence looks good."







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