Featured Fence Installation: Spencer B. from Stockton, CA

August 12, 2019

Project Specifications

Fence Style: 6’ Picture Frame with board-on-board pickets

Fence Material: Con Common Redwood

Length: 64 Linear Feet

Request Date: February 19th, 2019

Installation Date: April 11th, 2019

Spencer’s fence was absolutely ruined after a storm. He needed to have it replaced and contacted fence companies near Stockton. He got quotes from a few different contractors and decided to go with us.

Spencer thought that our sales process was smooth and when he saw how detailed our quote was, he knew he was making the right choice. 

Once the property was marked by the utility company, it was time for installation. Roy and his crew showed up on the scheduled installation day and finished installing the fence in just one day. 

Reflecting on the fence installation as a whole, Spencer said, “The fence came out great and the crew did fantastic work.”





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