Featured Fence Installation: Barry G. from South San Francisco, CA

October 18, 2019

Project Specifications

Fence Style: 6’ Picture Frame 

Fence Material: Redwood Con Heart

Length: 126 Linear Feet

Introduction Call: August 28th, 2019

Installation Date: September 18th, 2019

Barry wanted to have his fence replaced. It was along the property line with his neighbor and there were also a few slopes on the property too. This can make installing a fence more difficult, but it's not a problem for us. 

Though he contacted a few different fence contractors in the Bay Area, he said he chose us because we gave him a great customer service experience. 

Most customers choose the standard Redwood Con Common pickets, but Barry went with Redwood Con Heart for his fence. Con Common comes from the outer portion of the tree (sapwood), while Con Heart is the lumber that comes from the core of the tree (heartwood) and has a deeper and more robust color. Con Heart Redwood is also more resistant against insects and decay.

Once Barry had his intro call we were able to get him scheduled for installation shortly afterwards. Roy and his crew showed up on installation day and got the job done over the course of two days.

After the project was finished, Barry told us that he loves his fence and that he had already recommended us to his neighbors. We’re glad we could help!



Fence on slope

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