Featured Fence and Gate Installation: Laura D. from Berkeley, CA

January 17, 2020

Project Specifications

Fence Style: 6’ Picture Frame with Board-on-Board Pickets

Fence Material: Con Common Redwood

Length: 22 Linear Feet

Gate: 10' Wide, Z-Frame Flat Top Board-on-Board Rolling Gate

Installation Date: January 6th, 2020

Laura was looking for a fence and gate contractor in the Bay Area. She had some trouble because most of the companies she contacted wouldn’t even respond. Fortunately, she found positive reviews for us online and decided to contact us. 

We got started with the process to get her a quote and schedule her for installation as soon as possible. While her project was a smaller one, we were able to accommodate her needs. 

She chose a rolling gate with a steel frame which also has a stylistic wooden rail over the top of the gate that adds to the curb appeal. 

Because larger gates can be very heavy, it’s important to have the right frame and style to support the weight. One option is to have a double swing gate, which has two gate panels that meet in the center. Or like Laura, you can go with a rolling gate which includes one wide gate that slides along a track to open. They can also be automated, which makes opening and closing the gate even easier. 

Rolling gates are a good choice for you if you’d like a wider gate, but don’t have enough room for the gate to swing open. That can be due to trees, driveway slope, other obstructions, or if your gate is close to a road. It’s also a good choice if you simply like the design!

Laura was happy with the entire process and the end result. She said, “The fence looks excellent. The crew was great, they were super nice!”

Rolling Gate

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