Chainlink Fence Gate Ideas & Styles

Chain link fence gates come in many styles and designs, and many come in gate kits that make it an easy DIY project for most homeowners!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
March 14, 2024

Choosing the right gate design can compliment your chain link fence, elevating the curb appeal of your home. Chain link fences have long been known for their durability and affordability, but with the right gate kit they can also be quite attractive!

Chain link fence gates come in countless configurations, styles and even colors. Adding a gate to your existing chain link fence is easy enough to do as a DIY project. Simply cut a spot big enough that your gate fits in between the fence posts you install at the edges of the fence. The fence posts will be attached to the tension bars and top rails by clamps. From there, you can buy a fence gate kit in your preferred style and have it installed in a day!

When you are at the hardware store, be sure to look for a galvanized gate, as galvanized steel is more resistant to corrosion and known for its durability. Each individual piece of a chain link fence - like tension bars, top rails, camps, and fence posts, as well as chain link fence gate kits are identified by individual SKU numbers you can look up ahead of time or just browse through in the store in person.

Here are some examples of the different types of chain link fence gate designs you can choose from!

Swing gate

Chainlink swing gate

Swing gates are the simplest type of chain link fence gate designs. Just as they sound, chain link swing gates swing open and closed rather than sliding or rolling. Single swing gates are perfect gate frames for a front yard chain link fence gate. You can choose a rounded corner style of gate frame to make it a little cuter as well. Look into getting additional fence parts and accessories to add to your new fence gate like a gate scroll or fence post toppers.

Rolling gate

This type of chain link fence gate is often thought of in the commercial chain link sense - big cantilever gates at industrial sites with barbed wire on top. But these rolling gate fences can also be great for homeowners as well. Just as a wooden rolling gate makes an attractive and functional gate to access the parking pad at the side of your house, a chain link rolling gate provides the same security at a fraction of the cost.

Double drive gate

Double driveway gate

If you are looking for a fence gate to guard your driveway this is the one! These large fence panels are wide enough to span a driveway and keep your property safe and private. The chain link fence panels can swing open like a swing gate or open without swinging like a rolling gate or slide gate.

Vinyl coated fence gate

Hopefully you have come across some colorful chain link fences and know that they do not all have to be silver steel. Surprisingly, chain link fences and chain link fence gates come in all types of colors, with popular colors including black, brown, and green. With the vinyl coating, the fence can blend in better with the surrounding landscape. Coating the galvanized steel in vinyl also enhances its resistance to corrosion and rust.

Privacy gate

Chainlink privacy gate

Chain link fences can make really good privacy fences simply by adding slats to the chain link fence fabric. The same goes for the gate opening. The chain link fence fabric of the gate kit can be filled in with slats as well creating privacy for your property. The slats come in many different colors to choose from - even designs that mimic grass or wood. This can also help to make your chain link fence more attractive overall as well as enhancing privacy.

Adjustable chain link fence gate

Adjustable Fit-right fence kits are installed on site to ensure they fit right every time. The gate kit comes with everything you will need to install a gate to walk or drive through your chain link fence. Telescoping bars fit a range of distances to fit any kind of odd shaped opening from single swing gate to a drive through double gate. This is perfect for when you have a special sized gate opening.


As you can see, there is a chain link fence gate design for everyone! These gates will work for any purpose and can be matched to just about any style out there. There are simple swing gates perfect for going up the front walk just as there are adjustable chain link fence gates that can span a drive through double gate. There are privacy chain link fences accented with different styles of slats, like artificial grass or wooden, and vinyl coated chain link fence gates for when you prefer a splash of color. Rolling fence gates are great for large fences so that the gate panels do not have to swing out very far.

Chain link fence gates can enhance the curb appeal of your home, and the functionality of your property. Explore all of the different styles and designs of chain link fence gates out there to find one that works for you! Remember that gate hinges, gate latches and other gate hardware can also highlight your gate.

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