A Guide to Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl is a versatile and durable fence option with several styles from which to choose!
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson
Last Update:
August 15, 2022

If you're considering replacing an old fence or installing a new fence, vinyl can be an excellent option. Vinyl fences require less maintenance than wood fences, they won't warp, rot, or blister, and all they require to stay looking their best is the occasional wash with a garden hose.

Vinyl fences also add aesthetic appeal to your property and can be available in multiple different colors.

There is a wide variety of vinyl fence styles from which to choose and each style has its pros and cons.

Solid Privacy Fence

This style is traditional and will offer the most privacy for your property. Typically, solid white privacy fences will have 7/8'' x 6'' Tongue & Groove Boards and 5''x5'' Posts. The tongue and groove pickets will ensure no gaps are present in your fence, which is ideal for keeping animals or small children inside your yard. This fence style, while great if you want privacy, has the potential downside of entirely blocking your view beyond your property line.

Solid Privacy Fence with Lattice

If you're looking to add something extra to your privacy fence, a lattice can be a great option. There are different lattice types, like diagonal (left) or piano key (right). The lattice can add a bit more visibility to the top of your fence line, versus the complete coverage you would get from a privacy fence without a lattice. Adding a lattice will also be an extra cost to your fence project. In addition to lattices, there are also other vinyl fence toppers that can add extra style to your fence! 

Closed Picket Fence

If you desire the traditional look of the "white picket fence," then a vinyl closed picket style is perfect for you. This style has 7/8'' x 3'' pickets, 4''x4'' posts with caps, top and bottom 2'' x 3.5'' rails and a metal bottom rail stiffener. The small gaps between the pickets allow you to enjoy visibility through the fence, but are too small for animals or children to pass through.

Ranch Style Fence

Ranch style vinyl fences will have horizontal pickets, 5''x5'' posts with caps and 1.5'' x 5.5'' rails. This style is optimal if you don't want to obstruct the view on your property line. However, it offers virtually no privacy and won't be effective in keeping animals in or out of your yard.

These days, vinyl fences also come in different colors, regardless of the style you choose.

Regardless of which vinyl fence style you choose, installing a fence is a wise investment. A well-built vinyl fence will last you and your family many years and will allow you to fully enjoy your property. 

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