16 Vinyl Fence Ideas

Get inspired with these 16 stunning vinyl fence styles. Uncover the rising trend and find out why homeowners are flocking to vinyl, leaving other materials behind.
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
January 27, 2023

Have you ever considered having a vinyl fence for your property? Vinyl fences come in many styles and designs and have some important benefits over wooden fences. Check out the different types of vinyl fences you can choose from and explore the vinyl fence pros and cons to understand why an increasing number of homeowners are opting for vinyl over various fence materials!

Why choose a vinyl fence? 

Vinyl fences offer many advantages over wood fences but come in many of the same styles and designs you could find in wooden fences. The benefits of a vinyl fence include their longevity - vinyl fences can last for decades whereas a wooden fence is usually in need of replacement after about 10-15 years. Keep in mind, you will also need to stain your wooden fence every two or three years. Vinyl fences do not require staining and are virtually maintenance-free. If they get dirty, all you have to do is take a hose and spray it off! Vinyl fences are durable and flexible. And on top of all that, vinyl fences are beautiful, come in a variety of color options, and can add major curb appeal to your home. Considering the long-lasting nature and low maintenance, exploring vinyl fence costs could be a good idea.

Traditional white vinyl fence ideas and designs 

Here are some traditional vinyl fence styles and ideas to get you started!

1. Horizontal Vinyl Fence

A horizontal vinyl fence is made up of horizontal rails that are not spaced. The horizontal rails are held together by vertical posts. This type of fence is great for when you want privacy but you don't just want a solid vinyl panel between the posts. It adds a little bit more style to your vinyl fence.

2. PVC Vinyl Fence with Lattice Top

A lattice top vinyl fence has a little bit more style than a simple privacy fence. It is constructed of solid vinyl panels between evenly spaced posts, but it has a little something extra. On top of the panels are crisscrossed vinyl strips with a vinyl rail at the very top.

3. Horizontal Angled Slat Vinyl Fence

The horizontal angled slat vinyl fence is a variation on the traditional horizontal vinyl fence. Where the horizontal vinyl fence slats are straight up and down, this fence has slats that are slightly angled - almost like window shutters. This allows a little bit of a view through the fence while still offering privacy.

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Privacy vinyl fence ideas and designs 

Privacy vinyl fences are perfect for the front or back yards, and the solid vinyl fence panels keep onlookers from seeing into your property.

4. 4' Vinyl Privacy Fence 

A vinyl privacy fence is a beautifully simple alternative to the classic wooden nail up fence. If you want a traditional look for your home improvement project, the vinyl privacy fence is your go-to. It is constructed of white vinyl fence panels connected by vinyl posts. This height is perfect for the front yard. 

5. 6' Vinyl Privacy Fence

Just like the 4' white vinyl privacy fence, the 6' white vinyl privacy fence is comprised of solid white vinyl fence panels connected by vinyl posts. It is a simple fence design that achieves complete privacy in your back yard. You can find this type of fence in white, tan or other colors, including natural wood grain colors

6. 7' Vinyl Privacy Fence

The 7' vinyl privacy fence, like the 6' vinyl privacy fence, is a great option for your back yard when you are looking to increase your privacy. No one will be able to see through the solid vinyl fence panels. And at 7' tall, this is the tallest vinyl privacy fence allowed in most residential areas.

Split rail vinyl fence ideas and designs 

Split rail vinyl fences are great for front yards. They are the type of fence you'd imagine seeing around a pasture on a farm or on larger plots of land in the countryside.

7. Two-Rail Vinyl Fence

Have you ever been out in the countryside and seen a pasture with horses or other animals in it? Those pastures are usually enclosed by a split rail fence. In this case, the split rail vinyl fence is constructed of two vinyl rails and vinyl fence posts. This style of fence puts a modern spin on a country classic.

8. Three-Rail Vinyl Fence

This design is also known as the ranch rail fence or horse rail fence. Just like the split rail vinyl fence made up of two vinyl rails, the three-rail vinyl fence is the same design but made up of three rails joined together by vinyl posts. This is a low-maintenance fence that more and more homeowners are trying.

Picket vinyl fence ideas

What could be more classic and traditional than a picket fence? Picket fences aren't just made out of wood anymore - you can also get them in vinyl!

9. Classic Straight White Vinyl Picket Fence 

The classic straight white picket vinyl fence is made up of vinyl pickets that are evenly spaced apart and joined by two rails. One rail is at the bottom of the fence and the second rail is just slightly below the top of the pickets - giving it the traditional white picket fence look.

10. Scallop White Vinyl Picket Fence

One way to make different types of vinyl picket fence designs is to change up the picket styles. For the scallop white vinyl picket fence this means that the picket heights are different, creating a distinctive scalloped pattern on the top of the fence. This type of white picket fence is still traditional, but with a little more flavor.

Vinyl pool fence ideas 

Putting a fence around you pool is not only a smart idea for safety, it is also required by law in many cities. Check out these alternatives to the usual chain link fence!

11. Vinyl Straight Rail Pool Fence

The vinyl rail pool fence is similar to the traditional white picket fence, with one important difference. The pickets in the picket fence stick out above the top rail. In this case, this particular vinyl pool fence has rails at the top and bottom of the pickets - with no pickets sticking out above the top rail.

12. Sturbridge Vinyl Pool Fence

The Sturbridge vinyl pool fence is similar to the vinyl rail pool fence in that it is made up of vinyl pickets that are evenly spaced apart. The difference is that the vinyl pickets are different widths. Every other picket is twice as wide as the previous picket. There are vinyl rails at the top and bottom of the fence.

Modern vinyl fence ideas

If you are looking for something a little different, there are fence options that are more on the modern side. Let's check them out!

13. Basketweave Vinyl Fence 

The basketweave vinyl fence is just what it sounds like - it's a fence that has horizontal rails that are woven together in a way that makes it look like the weave of a basket. The basketweave vinyl fence has vertical posts that are evenly spaced about every four feet. The pattern of the weaved vinyl rails gives this fence a distinctive look.

14. Lattice Vinyl Fence  

The lattice vinyl fence is made up of panels that have crisscrossed vinyl rails and that are joined together with evenly spaced posts. The posts have pointed post caps on them as well. The intricate pattern on the vinyl panels of this lattice fence is eye-catching and goes one step further than just having a lattice top on a vinyl privacy fence. You can choose from other lattice designs and other add-on vinyl fence toppers

Other vinyl fence ideas 

If none of the above styles and designs caught your eye yet, check out these unique styles to see if they might fit your home improvement project.

15. Victorian Vinyl Fence 

The Victorian vinyl fence is a beautiful and classy way to add curb appeal to your property. This type of fence would be perfect for your porch or front yard. It is constructed of evenly spaced pickets that are "carved" instead of simply round or square to give them a unique look. They are joined by rails at the top and bottom.

16. Tapered Vinyl Fence

A tapered vinyl fence is a fence that has different heights. For example, one part of the vinyl fence is six feet tall and another part is four feet tall. To make the transition, maybe along your property line from the back yard to the front yard, there is a tapered panel that curves down from six feet to four feet.

Starting your project

Hopefully you have seen a style or two that catches your eye after reading through this post - and are ready to get started on your home improvement project. If you are ready to begin your vinyl fence or vinyl gate journey, and looking for a reliable and top rated fence company with vinyl fence products, Ergeon is here to help!

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