Update on COVID-19 and our Operations

As a service provider that delivers to your home a service necessary for the safety of your household, we are able to operate during the Shelter in Place Ordinance.
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson
Last Update:
October 26, 2020

As of March 20, 2020, the entire State of California is under a Shelter-In-Place Health Order.

As a service provider that delivers a service necessary for the safety of your household, we are able to operate during the Shelter in Place Ordinance. 

We strongly believe in the impact of social distancing to protect the health of you and your family in light of COVID-19, similar to the approach most counties in the Bay Area have taken:

a. We work primarily as an all-remote company, for which we can ensure all of our teams will be able to provide you support without any disruption

b. We have a unique approach to project assessment via video calls and satellite imagery to take accurate measurements and assessments with zero invasion to your family's space

c. Your quote can be reviewed, edited, approved, and paid all online.

We will also coordinate your installation based on your needs:

a. We can offer price protection and lock your rate for installation up to 60 days after approval without it being subject to lumber market fluctuation

b. Send an installation crew that can service your family with zero physical contact and 6' distance designed interactions using protective gear

On behalf of everyone at Ergeon, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19. This situation is rapidly changing, and we will keep you updated along the way.

Following our guiding principle "Always do right by our customers" we will continue to give you that peace of mind as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Please review our updated guidelines regarding the precautions we will be taking to ensure your safety here.

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