Eight Metal Garden Fence Styles to Increase Curb Appeal

Metal garden fences are decorative additions to your home's landscape design and also provide a barrier to keep your garden safe. Check out these creative styles!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
January 24, 2024

There are plenty of good reasons to put up a new metal garden fence around your raised planters, flower beds, or rows of garden beds. Garden fences help define the garden area from the rest of your backyard landscape design. They can also help keep critters and small children out!

Your outdoor garden deserves a beautiful metal garden fence to highlight the area and keep it safe from trampling or unwanted visitors. There are many types of garden fences - from rows of simple fence posts to full-on privacy screens.

The metal grills or panels that make up your fence come in tons of styles. Let’s go over some different styles of metal garden fences so you can get an idea of what you want!

No Dig Animal Barrier Border Fencing

These are rustproof metal defense borders that can keep unwanted critters like rabbits or dogs out of your outdoor garden. Unlike other kinds of fences that require digging before installing the fence to make it animal-proof, this type of metal garden fence is a no dig fence. That means you do not have to dig any trenches. How does it keep the animals out then? These metal fence panels come with the decorative half on top and long, evenly spaced metal spikes on the bottom half. To install the fence, you push the fence spikes down into the ground in the spot where you want the fence to be. These metal fence panels can stand alone as a garden fence or they can be put in front of an existing garden fence to animal-proof it.

Hog Wire Fence

This style of metal garden fence has an ‘on-the-farm’ feel to it and is part wood and part steel. The steel is galvanized steel and rustproof, and as the name implies it is strong enough to keep full grown hogs inside! As a garden fence at your house, though, this makes an attractive metal fence choice for almost any style of house. Each panel of a hog wire fence is made of a wooden frame with wire mesh inside of it. They are each attached to a wooden post and evenly spaced along the border of your outdoor garden. Hog wire fence panels can be buried to prevent critters from getting into your garden. Each of the posts can have a decorative post cap on it if you want as well!

Wrought Iron Barrier Fence

A decorative wrought iron barrier fence is a wonderful addition to your backyard landscape design. It is a whimsical way to put up a protective barrier around your garden without blocking the view. Wrought iron has a black metal finish because of the way it is produced, and can be formed into many different designs for fences. Each metal fence panel comes separately so for a fence, this is a breeze to install. And because the fence comes in individual panels, you can make any shape of border around your outdoor garden that you want. Depending on what types of plants you have in your garden, this type of fence could also work well as a trellis to have climbing plants like ivy cover!

Black Metal Privacy Fence

Getting a PVC, or vinyl, fence is not the only way to have a privacy fence at your house. Privacy fences come in all types of materials, and metal is no exception! For metal privacy fences, imagine a frame shaped frame of black metal with a thin sheet of black metal inside it like the picture in the frame. These metal panels can have designs cut out of them or be solid - your choice! These are a good choice if you are looking to block the view of the garden or just prefer not to have that aesthetic mixed with other landscape design ideas in your backyard.

Decorative Garden Border Fence

As the name implies, these decorative garden border fences are more about looks than anything else. And they are also some of the easiest to put up. They are usually delicate designs involving arches and metal pickets, and should be thought of more as an accent than a functional fence. They are usually not very high and easily stepped over by most adults. A decorative garden border fence will also not keep out pets or small children. These types of metal garden fences are a nice way to distinguish your garden area from the rest of the yard. They also make a great DIY home improvement project as they often come in rolls and with metal spike posts that you simply push into the ground to install the fence.

Powder Coated Cast Iron Picket Fence

Imagine the classic picket fence but in powder coated cast iron instead of the traditional white wooden picket fence. This is a great choice as far as metal garden fences go because it is very strong but still allows a view into your garden. The metal pickets are close enough together to keep children and small pets out of your garden. If you would like to keep burrowing animals out of your garden make sure this fence is partially buried and extends underground. If you do not want to bury the fence for some reason, you could also choose to add a no dig animal barrier steel wire fence to the bottom of your picket fence.

Steel Wire Garden Fence

With this metal garden fence, the fence arrives in a roll instead of individual panels like some of the others. The steel wire is evenly spaced and narrow enough to keep animals out of your garden. It can be used as a stand alone fence or it can be added to another garden fence as extra defense against critters and a strong barrier. Another way to use this type of garden fence is to plant climbing vegetation nearby like ivy. That way, within a season your steel fence could be completely covered in green plants, making a beautiful natural barrier around your outdoor garden. You can get this in stainless steel so that it is corrosion resistant and extra durable.

Addition Garden Metal Fence Factors

As you can see, there are many styles of metal garden fences - one to match any house or landscape design. Some factors to keep in mind as you start doing some research include the material and design of the fence. Do you want a simple or decorative fence? Is it aimed at keeping critters out of the garden or more for looks?

Keep an eye out for galvanized steel or stainless steel products to ensure your new outdoor fence is rustproof and will not have any corrosion issues. There are metal garden fences that come in individual panels or rolls. And there are fences that require some digging to create a barrier against critters and some that do not.

To get in and out of your new garden fence, you can order a fence gate kit. These are often quite simple and can be installed as a DIY project with tools you likely have at your house.

Plan for a fence that meets your needs, matches your home decor, or provides a barrier to keep your garden safe. You can also decide whether you will install the fence yourself or with a friend as a weekend DIY project or if you are going to call in the professionals!

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