24 Unique Fence Gate Ideas

Fence gates are a fantastic addition to any fence project- and come in a wide array of styles & designs. Check out these unique fence gate ideas to get inspiration!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
January 11, 2023

Are you looking to replace an old sagging fence gate or simply build a fence gate for a new fence at your home? Fence gates are available in a wide array of styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for a classic picket fence gate, a more modern fence gate, or something on the creative side - you can definitely find one to fit your needs and your individual style!

Wooden fence gate ideas and designs

Wooden fence gates can be selected to match the wood of your existing fence and are perfect if privacy is one of your priorities. Here are some popular wood fence gate styles.

1. Wooden Fence Gate with an Arched Top

A wooden fence gate with an arched top is a classic design with a little bit of extra style thanks to the arched top. This type of fence when constructed out of wood is a great privacy gate as well - meaning there are no gaps between the wooden panels in the fence gate.

2. Dog Ear Wooden Fence Gate

This traditional wooden fence gate is perfect for adding privacy to your backyard while still providing a way in and out through your fence. There are no gaps between the wooden panels, which are dog-eared on top.

3. Wooden Fence Gate with Diagonal Lattice

If you’re looking for a wooden fence gate that’s a little more eye-catching than others, a gate with diagonal lattice woodwork across the top of the gate is a great choice. This style of wooden fence gate provides a little bit of style on the top with the lattice.

Privacy fence gate ideas and designs

In addition to wooden fence gates, there are other materials and styles that can also preserve privacy for your property while still allowing a way in and out. One of those materials is vinyl.

4. Privacy White Vinyl Gate

Vinyl is a great choice if you’re looking for a fence gate that requires minimal upkeep. A privacy white vinyl gate includes vinyl panels that fit together tightly so that there is no way to look through them. A common style for this type of fence has a flat top.

5. Louvered Privacy Fence Gate

This style of fence gate has horizontal panels that are sloped at an angle - similar to shutters on a window. In windows, this allows air in and out while keeping out rain. In privacy fence gates, it’s more of a style element than functional like a window!

6. Vinyl Privacy Fence Gate with Vertical Lattice

Another way to maintain privacy in your backyard while adding a little bit of style is to add lattice to the top of your fence gate. In this case, the fence gate is constructed of vertical vinyl panels with an extra section of vertical lattice across the top of the gate.

Picket fence gate ideas and designs

Nothing says traditional yard design like a picket fence! If you need to add a fence gate to get in and out of your backyard you can choose from several different styles.

7. Vinyl Spaced Picket Fence Gate

This style of picket fence gate has a horizontal top and spaced out vinyl panels with pointed tops that make up the fence. The fence gate panels will allow you to see in and out and won’t offer much privacy, but it is a classic style that will make your yard look great!

8. Classic Wooden Picket Fence Gate

A picket fence gate made of wood is a tried and true style of fence that’s been around since Colonial times. This fence gate is made of wooden pickets - a few hundred years ago they would have been sharpened points to keep out intruders but now the pointed tops are more of a design element than home protection!

9. All American Vinyl Picket Fence Gate

The All American Vinyl Picket Fence Gate is a unique design in which the top of the gate slopes down - almost a reverse arch. Each vinyl panel in this fence gate has a picket style top. These pickets are spaced out and do not contribute to privacy in your yard, but they do look quite stylish.

Metal fence gate ideas

Metal fence gates come in a wide variety of styles and designs! They can add a modern twist to your fence or they can be made to mimic traditional styles.

10. Quick Screen Slat Fence Gate

This fence gate is constructed of horizontal aluminum slats that are spaced slightly apart. The gate isn’t completely solid offering 100% privacy but it does a good job of blocking most of the view into your backyard. It is decorative and modern looking. This gate is also low maintenance due to being made out of aluminum, it won’t rot or twist.

11. Euro Steel Fence Gate

The Euro Steel Fence Gate is an attractive alternative to the chain link fence gate. It is classic and sleek, and low maintenance. The gate is made of an outer metal box filled in with horizontal and vertical steel wires. Its look is similar to the chicken wire fence, but with a more modern and less rustic feel.

12. Wrought Iron Arched Fence Gate

This is a classic choice for fence gates. It is made of vertical wrought iron pickets that are arched across the top of the gate and horizontal wrought iron rails that go across the gate. This fence gate will last for decades and is low maintenance.

Garden fence gate ideas

Gardens need fences to keep out critters that might get into the vegetables. And with fences, comes the need for a fence gate - for garden fence design check out these ideas below.

13. Cedar Garden Fence Gate

A Cedar Garden Fence Gate is constructed out of flat cedar boards that are slightly spaced apart. This is an attractive fence that looks great by a garden and definitely has a country-side look to it. The cedar boards are held together with horizontal cedar rails.

14. Black Steel Garden Fence Gate

This black steel garden fence gate has more of a modern twist to it. It is a simple garden gate made of thin steel pickets with flat tops on them. The pickets are evenly spaced and don’t provide any privacy. There is a horizontal rail across the top and bottom of the garden gate.

15. Horizontal Wooden Garden Gate

A horizontal wooden garden gate is a combination of wood and metal parts. In addition to the horizontal cedar wood boards that are placed right next to each other, this garden gate has horizontal black metal rails at the top and bottom as well as vertical black metal rails on the sides.

Modern fence gate ideas

Fence gates can also come in modern fence gate designs. You might try different materials, blends of materials, or designs on the fence gate panels or gate latch and gate hinges.

16. Windowed Fence Gate

A windowed fence gate is a unique and modern choice for your property. It is a wooden fence gate that has sections cut out of it, like windows, that offer a view into your backyard. These windows can be used to frame a view of something in your yard, for example a tree or flowering plant.

17. Metal and Vinyl Fence Gate

Instead of installing a fence gate that is all vinyl, you can add a modern twist to your gate by adding some metal parts as well. In this case, the fence gate is constructed of horizontal vinyl panels outlined with horizontal and vertical metal rails.

18. Arrow Privacy Screen Fence Gate

The arrow privacy screen gate has a unique pattern of evenly spaced slats. It is inspired by geometric patterns and made of galvanized steel. It is low maintenance and will last for decades. Although there is some spacing between the slats, it does provide privacy for your backyard.

Chain link fence gate ideas

Chain link fence gates are great for single gates or double gates. They don’t have to be used only with chain link fences either.

19. Single Gate Chain Link Fence Gate

This single gate chain link fence gate is a traditional chain link fence style with diamond shapes created by crisscrossed metal wires. It is outlined with horizontal and vertical metal rails. This is a great choice if you already have a chain link fence in place, or if you are filling a gap to your side yard between a shed and your neighbor’s property.

20. Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Gate

A vinyl coated chain link fence gate is similar to the classic single gate chain link fence gate except that the metal parts are coated in black vinyl, giving it a little bit more of a modern feel. There is also a decorative piece above the top horizontal rail.

21. Square Corner Frame Chain Link Fence Gate

Many times, chain link fence gates come with rounded corners. In this case, the square corner frame chain link fence gate has squared off corners. The fence gate still has the diamond shaped, crisscrossed chain link inside the frame, but the square corner gives it a unique look.

Other creative fence gate ideas

You can get creative with your fence gates - there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Whether its interesting fence posts, or slats, or something decorative on the top, the sky is the limit.

22. Box Wire Fence Gate

The box wire fence gate got its start in the countryside on farmland, and it’s also known as a chicken wire fence because it was used to secure the chicken coop area. Now, it’s being used in the cities and with a nice cedar frame around the wiring it has a sleek modern look to it.

23. Picture Frame Fence Gate with Arch

A picture frame fence gate has wooden pickets placed securely next to each other with flat - not pointy - tops. For a picture frame fence gate, the horizontal rails sit at the very top and bottom of the gate, and the vertical rails at the sides. In this case, the gate is arched.

24. Z-Frame Fence Gate with Lattice

This type of fence gate gets its name from the rails that hold the fence panels together. The rails in this case are in the shape of a “z” as opposed to horizontal across the boards. This fence gate also has a decorative lattice at the top with diagonal panels crisscrossing each other.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of fence gate styles for homeowners to choose from for that can add curb appeal to your property. We have many design ideas to look through on our website - whether you're looking for a wooden fence gate, wrought iron fence gates, metal gates, an iron fence gate, a vinyl fence gate, or a chain link fence gate, we have high-quality products to help property owners with their fence gate project! If you’re looking for fence ideas that will work for your home, we are ready to help you start designing your fence gate!

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