Featured Driveway Installation: Ken S. from Dublin, CA

May 6, 2019

Project Specifications

Driveway Material: Brushed Concrete

Area: 844 Square Feet

Request Date: December 8th, 2018

Installation Date: January 7th to 14th, 2019

Ken and his wife were interested in replacing their driveway and redoing the connected walkways. They searched around and got quotes from multiple different driveway contractors in the Bay Area. They ended up going with us because of these three reasons:

1. Price

2. Responsiveness

3. The impression our on-site estimator, Abel, made.  

Talking to Abel made Ken very comfortable. Abel seemed to pay attention to what could be done with the property without the intention of up-selling. Abel offered options, which were very thoughtful (e.g. widening of the walkway, lowering the elevation of the landing, etc.)

According to Ken, scheduling was a quick and easy process.

On the installation date, Fidel’s team showed up and started the installation. Ken’s wife noted:

“The crew was receptive to suggestions, they answered all my questions, were respectful of the property, explained how they were going to do certain things, cleaned up by taking all the debris away and backfilled any gaps with mulch and topsoil.”

The entire installation was complete within a week. Ken appreciated the amount of effort the finishing crew put into their work. He said "They were outstanding and professional. They corrected every error and did not leave before the job was perfectly done."

Reflecting on the project as a whole, Ken said:

“The team worked well together, they accepted input, accommodated us and cleaned up well at the end. We are pleased with the work.”


Side View


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