Featured Driveway Installation: Margaret K. from San Pablo, CA

August 5, 2019

Project Specifications

Driveway Material: Vintage red bricks and poured concrete

Area: 500 Square Feet

Request Date: May 1st, 2019

Installation Date: June 12th and June 18th, 2019

Margaret had something specific in mind for her driveway. She wanted to replace the plain concrete with vintage red bricks in a fish scale pattern to match the rest of her property. She also wanted to integrate poured concrete to break up the pattern. So, she contacted several local driveway companies in the Bay Area. Some didn’t even respond, and some weren’t interested in doing her project. 

Though she was able to get a quote from one other company, she decided to go with us. She said, “Ergeon contacted me right away, gave a very fair estimate, and arranged for a highly skilled, responsible, and hardworking crew to take care of the project just a couple of weeks after my request.

Francisco and his crew showed up on installation day to begin the project. Though they ran into some unexpected issues with breaking concrete during the demolition process, they made sure to get the right equipment and get the job done on time. Margaret reflected, “These things always happen, but I was not bothered at all by this!

Afterwards, the installation was completed and Margaret was satisfied with her unique red brick driveway. On the topic of the crew and the project as a whole, she said, 

The guys were terrific and they worked really, really hard! Francisco is a great communicator and listened to what I had envisioned. Francisco and crew did not hesitate to make a change when I pointed out that I had hoped for the border to look a bit differently. It was really difficult to get a company with the right skill set. They were perfect, and good people who worked very hard. I love my new driveway, and highly recommend Ergeon.

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