Featured Driveway Installation: Kris R. from San Jose, CA

July 22, 2019

Project Specifications

Driveway Material: Calstone Mission Pavers

Area:  1070 Square Feet

Request Date: June 5th, 2019

Installation Date: July 4th to July 12th, 2019

Kris wanted a driveway replacement and searched for contractors near San Jose. He received a few bids and ultimately decided to go with us. 

One of the key reasons was the way we itemize and present our quote in a clear and understandable manner. He said:

“I like the description of the project/contact because it is very detailed and formal unlike other contractors who either simply write on a piece of paper or verbally communicate.”

Kris’ driveway uses tan red charcoal Calstone Mission pavers organized in a “Calstone Mission 3” pattern. It incorporates grey charcoal pavers around the border, which creates a nice contrast and frame for the driveway as a whole. This driveway also has a 2x2 pillar dressed with pavers.


The new driveway was installed in just eight days and Kris was satisfied with the end result. Reflecting on the project as a whole, he said:

“I had a very good and positive experience working with this company, particularly the project manager (Magdalena) and the rest of the crew, including Mike and the actual installers of pavers for my driveway. They are very competitive with their pricing, very clear upfront, and guided me at each step of the project. No pressure with anything whatsoever, including scheduling the project, selection of the material, payments, etc. They are also very accommodative and reasonable in resolving any issues. I am overall very satisfied with my project and I strongly recommend Ergeon.”

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