Extra Tall Privacy Fence Ideas to Stylishly Seclude Your Yard

Looking to make your property more secure than ever before? Explore these extra tall privacy fence ideas that offer maximum coverage on your fence line!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
April 5, 2024

Privacy fences come in many shapes and styles - you can even install an extra tall privacy fence assuming your local regulations allow the extra height! There are lots of different privacy fence ideas from privacy screens to trellis fence panels and even chain link fences with slats to screen the view.

Many times, homeowners are interested in privacy fences to create a more private backyard environment. Maybe there is a busy street next to the house, or apartments? Whatever the reason, there is a privacy fence for what you are looking for!

Are privacy fences a good idea?

A privacy fence for your outdoor space is a good idea if you want a fence that not only looks great but also has the fence height to create some privacy in your yard. Tall privacy fences can be used in small backyards as well as larger spaces. There are so many privacy fence designs you are sure to find something that fits perfectly with your landscaping design! You might even be able to fix something on to the top of your existing fence for extra height. Let’s go over some basics about extra tall privacy fences.

How tall can I make my privacy fence?

The answer to this question depends on where you live! You should always consult the local regulations before building a new fence, especially an extra tall privacy fence! And if you live in a Home Owners’ Association, or HOA, you may have additional regulations about fence heights and fencing options so be sure to check those as well if they apply to you.

The general rules are that front yard fences cannot be extra tall. In fact, most front yard fences are not allowed to go up over four feet tall. In the backyard is where you may have the option to put in a tall privacy fence. Usually, you can put up fences that are between six and eight feet high in the backyard. Again, to find out the final answer on this requires looking at your specific local regulations.

If you put up a fence that is higher than is allowed, you may be reported and forced to take it down if your neighbors have a problem with it. So it is best to be sure that you are within local regulations and that you have had a chat with your neighbor beforehand to let them know what to expect.

Types of Extra Tall Privacy Fences

If you are looking for a trending, type of fence that will add some privacy to your backyard, look no further! These fences will work in your backyard garden, even in small backyards, and will require minimum upkeep. These fences can be done professionally or as a diy project to increase the curb appeal at your home and your enjoyment of outdoor living at your home.

Let’s go over some backyard fence ideas that will help create a private atmosphere in your backyard!

Extra Tall Wood Privacy Fences

Extra tall wood privacy fence

Do you like the idea of a wood fence, but want something a bit more substantial than a picket fence that will help create backyard privacy? You can build a wood privacy fence that is also a horizontal fence idea for your backyard. Horizontal privacy fences are great for adding intimacy to your backyard space. That’s because these types of fences are made from large, solid wood panels that do not have any cracks to peek through.

The fence posts on this type of fence could be between six and eight feet tall depending on your local regulations. The horizontal panels can be made from cedar or redwood and stained to highlight their natural beauty for more of a rustic look. You could also choose to paint the wood panels for a more modern look - with black or charcoal grey or even white paint - if that would blend better with your backyard landscaping.

Wood privacy fences, with proper care, can last for about 20 years before needing to be replaced. Wooden fences are also a little cheaper up front than other types of fences like vinyl fences or metal fences - especially if you opted to build it as a diy fence!

Extra Tall Vinyl Privacy Fences

Extra tall vinyl privacy fence

If you want a fence that’s going to look great for decades to come with almost no maintenance, you should look into vinyl privacy fences. This fence looks like new for years because of the material it is made from - PVC.

You can find fence panels that are vertical as well as horizontal fences in this style. In fact, you could get a six foot tall vinyl privacy fence with a couple extra feet of PVC trellis on top of it to add some extra privacy to your backyard space. To add extra privacy to the trellis part, add some climbing plants to fill in the spaces!

Vinyl fences are popular in white, but are available in many different colors and fence styles. Vinyl privacy fences cost a little more up front than a wooden fence for installation and materials, but on the other hand they are made from plastic so they will last longer than wood. Wood will become discolored, and potentially rot over time, whereas PVC vinyl fences will still look like new for years to come.

Extra Tall Metal Privacy Fences

Extra tall metal privacy fence

For a unique privacy fence idea, look no further than an extra tall metal privacy fence! These metal panels are available in many different designs - like geometric designs, flower designs, and more. This is a type of fence you can get really personalized to your own style or made to match your outdoor space and backyard landscaping.

This type of privacy fence helps to add privacy to your outdoor space without completely, one hundred percent blocking out the view in and out of the yard. With these metal panels, little designs are printed out of the metal. Overall, you will still maintain a good amount of privacy in your yard while still being able to see in and out if you need to.

Other Ways to Add Privacy to a Fence Line

Besides building or installing an entirely new privacy fence, there are other ways to increase privacy in your outdoor space. One way is by adding a trellis to the top of an existing fence - whether it is a wood fence, a vinyl fence, or metal fence you can add a trellis and climbing plants to the top of it to add some height.

Other ways you can add greenery to your fence to increase privacy is to plant climbing plants at the bottom of any type of fence. Some good climbing plants include vines like bougainvillea, Virginia creeper, or trumpet vine. This is a low maintenance way to add some height and privacy to your fence, no matter what fence style it is. Not only that, but it also adds some creativity to your landscaping ideas and fence materials.

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