Ergeon's Third Birthday

It's our birthday! We're looking back on the last three years and looking forward to the future ahead for Ergeon!
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson
Last Update:
April 20, 2021

Today is an important day for us here at Ergeon... it's our third birthday! 

In 2018, we started on a journey to transform the construction industry by empowering our customers and our team. We found it odd that the multi-trillion dollar construction industry hadn't seen meaningful industry progress in decades. That's why we introduced our tech-enabled service model to provide the best possible experience for our customers. 

What we could have never anticipated was the way our business model would allow us to serve our customers and grow as a team during a global pandemic. 

Features like our online quoting tool and our remote onsite visits became not only a convenient option for our customers, but an option that allowed them to pursue their home projects in a safe manner that gave them peace of mind. During a year where everyone across the globe spent more time than ever before at home, we were thankful to be among those who help make those homes feel special.

In a year where so many companies had to let valued staff go, our global remote model actually allowed us to grow. Our team of "Ergeoneers" is now over 186 members across more than 30 countries. While we are always proud to grow our numbers, our greatest pride is from our team growing closer. We hope that as our team continues to expand we can maintain our positive remote culture that truly makes our startup feel like family.

We've learned a lot of other lessons over the past three years. We've worked hard to integrate the supply chain in order to make a more seamless process for projects. We've entered the space of larger commercial projects that help challenge and grow our team. We've gone to great lengths to make the home improvement process more transparent for our customers and set new standards for how to treat all customers with respect and kindness. 

Looking back on our last three years we are filled with excitement about how far we've come and filled with purpose about where we want to go. We're so thankful for our valued customers; we know your home is an essential part of your identity and we are honored you trust us to work with you on it!

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