Ergeon Receives HomeAdvisor "Best of 2018" Award

We're proud to announce we've received the HomeAdvisor "Best of 2018" award.
Jimmy Soldatos
Jimmy Soldatos
Last Update:
October 26, 2020

HomeAdvisor strives to help homeowners find the best service professionals for their home services. Professionals who wish to be a part of the HomeAdvisor network go through a screening process that includes verifying their licenses and insurance. They also independently reach out to customers for reviews after their project is finished. All of this helps ensure you're connected with trusted service professionals you can rely on.

Since we launched our company, our priority has been to provide high-quality service with fair and transparent pricing. Customer happiness is important to us and we're thankful for all of the positive feedback and reviews we've received from our customers. Thanks to you, we've been recognized by HomeAdvisor and received their "Best of 2018" award.

Here is a list of badges we've received on HomeAdvisor with an explanation of how each is earned:

Seal of Approval

This is earned after being successfully screened by HomeAdvisor. That includes passing a background check and verification of insurance and licenses.

Top Rated Professional

Top rated professionals on HomeAdvisor maintain an overall rating of 4.0 or better and at least 90% of homeowners that have left reviews would recommend them.

Elite Service Professional

Elite service professionals have at least five 5-star reviews and an overall customer service rating of 4.5 or better.

1 Year with HomeAdvisor

This badge is earned by being an active part of the HomeAdvisor network one year after the initial screening, in addition to having no homeowner complaints in the last six months.

Best of 2018

The "Best of" badge is awarded to fewer than 600 service professionals in the nation each year. It's awarded to those who have maintained an average rating of 4.0 or better, received at least three reviews and had no customer complaints in the last six months.

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