Can You Get a New Fence During Winter?

Wondering if you can get a new fence during winter? You can! In fact, there are many upsides to installing in winter months.
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
December 5, 2022

Have you been thinking about getting a new fence installed but don't think it is possible to do that kind of project in the winter? What if the ground is frozen? Wouldn't that prevent any digging needed for post holes? And it's cold, and possibly snowing! Do crews even work in the winter months?

If summer months have already passed you by and you haven't gotten your new fence installed, you might think you have to wait until next spring. But what many homeowners do not realize is that winter is actually a perfect time for professional fence installation! In some ways, winter can actually be the best time of year to install fences.

Here are a few reasons why the winter months might be the best season to call up a fence installation company and get started with your new fence project!

Faster service

No one likes to wait when they do not have to, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. Winter is a faster time than spring or summer to get your fence installed.

Since fewer people plan their fence project for the winter months, it can be easier to get in contact with your fence contractor and get your fence installation scheduled. During the summer months many contractors could already be fully booked or have longer wait lists than you would experience in the winter.

There are other tasks you need to complete during a fence installation project that can be faster to accomplish in winter as well. For example, getting approval from "Call Before You Dig", getting any necessary permits, and getting any other visits related to your fence project completed. Wait times for all of these things will be much faster in the winter.

If you have questions about these tasks we are available to help you better understand the process and what you need to do when planning a new fence project.

Quicker shipping

Shipping your fence materials will be faster in the off-season as well, so you will spend less time waiting around for products to be delivered. By the time your neighbors are just starting to think about the fact that they need a new fence, you will already have your new fence installed.

If you plan your fence installation process for the winter season, you will have a fence ready by springtime and you can be relaxing in your backyard with a new privacy fence. You can be taking advantage of the beautiful weather while others are just realizing they have a big project ahead of them!

Increase your backyard privacy

No one likes to go out to relax in their backyard and be exposed to whoever happens to pass by.

Speaking of privacy, in many places during the wintertime, the cold weather means that the vegetation making up your landscaping is mostly barren. If you don't have a fence, or have an existing fence but it has spaced out panels, this means your backyard activities could be exposed to neighbors and passersby.

Whether you are interested in a wood fence, vinyl fence, or chain link fence, get your fence building project started in winter so you can enjoy more privacy in your own back yard.

Less risk of wood cracking

Are you considering having a new wood fence installed? If you decide to have your fence installation take place in winter conditions, it could be better for your wood fence panels. That's because the wood that makes up your wood fence will dry slower than it would if it was installed during the summer.

This is important because when wood dries too fast it can crack and split. This could cause your fence to look deformed. It can also cause your fence to be less durable over the years.

Understanding the moisture content of wood fence panels and how it changes over the course of the installation process is important. By the time the lumber for your wood fence is received it has lost on average about 50 percent of its moisture content. Once the fence panels are put up, they continue to dry out. How quickly they dry out is crucial to your fence's durability over time.

If your wood fence is installed in the summer, the intense sun, higher temperatures, and wind can cause the wood to lose much of the rest of its moisture content in a week or two. That rate of drying can be too fast and can cause the wood to become deformed. In winter months, due to the lower temperatures and higher precipitation, your wood fence will take longer to dry. In some cases it can take up to several months. That means your fence will look better and be more durable.

Less harm to your landscaping

During the winter months, much of your landscaping is likely laying dormant. Think of your grass, shrubs, and trees in winter conditions - most of it is missing or brown, right? Unless you have an evergreen forest in your backyard, your property goes through some big changes in the fall. The leaves, flowers and greenery do not come back out until spring.

Thanks to that, if you call up a professional fence contractor to install your fence in the winter, the fence installation process is less likely to harm your backyard landscaping. This can help create a less stressful experience with the fence company you select. You will not have to worry about your fence contractors damaging any of your landscaping.

Stronger concrete

Unless your area sees frozen ground for a long period of time in the winter, the winter conditions are actually better for fence installation for another important reason. Winter weather can help the concrete cure more strongly.

Colder months typically have higher moisture content than summer months. This matters because of the way that concrete cures. Concrete is made up of three ingredients: Portland cement, gravel, and water. Water is an important component in the curing process and actually interacts with the cement to form a glue. If this curing process takes place too quickly, just like with the wood fence panels drying out too quickly, the cement will be weaker and more brittle. A slower curing process will help your concrete last longer and be more durable.

If by chance the ground does freeze during the time you had scheduled to have your fence installed, not to worry! The crews will wait for the ground to thaw and be back at your property as soon as possible to continue the installation. No matter what, you'll still have your fence project completed before everyone else who is waiting for summer!

What are you waiting for?

If you have been thinking of having a fence installed but thought you had to wait until spring or summer, by now hopefully you have realized you do not have to wait. The winter months are a great time to contact a professional fence contractor and talk to them about your fence project.

Even if you're still wondering whether a winter fence project is the best idea, we are available to talk with you and to answer any questions you might have. One thing is for sure, get your fence installed this winter, and it will be complete by spring when you're ready to spend more time outdoors in your backyard!

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