Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can let you enjoy your outdoor space by saving you time, money and resources!
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson
Last Update:
December 7, 2022

If you want to make the most out of your outdoor space, having a beautiful, functional yard is a great place to start. Unfortunately, that has traditionally meant hours of yard upkeep and maintenance, toxic fertilizer chemicals, expensive watering and more... all to have a yard that will brown as soon as the weather gets cold.

However, there's an alternative to a traditional grass lawn that can let you have the yard you want without the hassle: artificial grass. Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. This low maintenance, durable material is a great option for a variety of landscaping and recreational applications. Many homeowners are turning to artificial grass for their properties so they can spend less time worrying about their yards and more time enjoying them with friends and family.

Read on to learn more about artificial grass and the potential benefits a high-quality artificial grass lawn can provide you and your property!

Less Maintenance

A real grass yard requires constant work to keep it looking good. Real grass requires annual care such as seeding, fertilizing, pesticide application and irrigation/drainage to prep the lawn to grow and look good. Then there's the weekly maintenance of mowing, edging, weeding and watering.

Some estimates calculate that the average U.S. homeowner will spend over 384 hours (16 days) during the course of their lifetime on just mowing alone! Even if you hire someone else to do the maintenance you will need to pay for their labor.

Artificial grass, in contrast, requires little to no continued maintenance. Once your grass is installed, you can enjoy your outdoor space without ever having to worry about landscaping or needing to fertilize, mow or water it!

Looks Good Year-Round

Even with extensive time spent on maintenance and upkeep for a real grass yard, your yard can look less than perfect. Real grass is susceptible to patchy appearance due to the terrain of your property, shade vs. sun spots, wear-down from foot or animal traffic and more. Yards that look good during the summer can and often do turn look brown and dead during cold/winter months.

Artificial turf is installed to look uniform and great from end-to-end of your outdoor space. The synthetic turf of an artificial grass lawn will look great year-round regardless of the weather thanks to UV and frost-resistant fibers. Synthetic grass also presents the unique benefit of letting you choose exactly what you'd like for your yard, including the color and pile height of your grass.  

Kid & Pet Friendly

Real grass lawns aren't always the best option for your family and family pets. The need to fertilize and apply pesticides can mean your kid's or pet's play area is full of potentially harmful chemicals.

Synthetic grass is very durable and stands up to heavy foot traffic like playgrounds, sports fields and dog runs. The material is lead-free and antimicrobial so you never need to worry about your kids or pets being exposed to pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides on the surface. Artificial grass also means no mud from outdoor play that your kids and pets can bring inside!


Real grass lawns require watering. According to the EPA, the average American family uses about 320 gallons of water per day, about 30 percent of which is devoted to outdoor uses such as watering lawns and gardens. Factors like water supply issues and droughts have meant that many cities across the United States are limiting household water use and/or adding surcharges to the water bill.  

Artificial grass allows you to create the landscape of your dreams without all the negatives of a real grass lawn that requires constant watering. You won't need to devote water resources to your lawn after the artificial grass is installed- which is better for the planet, saves you time and saves you money on your water bill. The green turf means you can have a green lawn without adding strain to water as a natural resource. You can even browse different designs for drought-tolerant landscaping online


The costs of a real grass lawn can add up fast. There is the upfront investment in all of the required tools like lawnmowers, edging tools, hoses or sprinkler systems, fertilizers, and more. Then those tools require ongoing costs such as gasoline to run a mower, new ribbons for edging tools, etc. That's to say nothing of the costs associated with watering your lawn regularly!

Homeowners can't DIY an artificial grass lawn. Installing artificial grass requires the initial investment, but then will be long-lasting and low-maintenance. Different package options for turf products are available for different needs and different budgets. Reputable construction companies will also offer a warranty on the artificial grass so that you're protected from repair or replacement costs during the period covered by the warranty.  

Customizable to Your Needs

An artificial lawn can be custom to meet your needs. While all packages offered by Ergeon will be non-toxic, lead-free, fast draining and fade resistant, different packages are ideal for different situations and use cases. The type of turf installation you want will depend on how you'd like to utilize your outdoor space.

Artificial grass for landscaping

This type of fake grass is recommended for moderate foot traffic areas of a garden or yard.  It's a mix of field and olive green colors with a brown thatch layer creating a lush natural grass look. This package is typically 1.75"  to  2.50" pile height and will look like natural grass blades.

Artificial grass for children's play area

For families that want a nice area for children to play outside, there's great options to incorporate artificial grass. One add on option is to install the artificial grass over a jump padding layer for extra cushioning.  Recommended pile height for children's play areas is 1.75"  to  1.85" pile height.

Artificial grass for pets

Homeowners with pets can choose an artificial pet turf option that is installed over a layer of zeolite to contain odors. This grass is offered in a mix of field and olive green colors with a brown thatch layer creating a lush natural look.  Pet areas are typically 1.375" pile height.

Artificial grass for putting greens

This synthetic grass is recommended for golf enthusiasts. The short textured blades replicate the natural grass putting surface. The 1/2" pile height facilitates the action of pitch and chip hitting.  

Final thoughts

Whether you're considering a synthetic lawn to save valuable time instead of doing yard maintenance, want your yard to look great year-round, want to be better to the planet and your wallet or need something that will serve your specific needs, it's a great time to make the switch!

Ready to get started? Over 11,000 happy customers are enjoying their outdoor spaces thanks to projects completed by Ergeon. We specialize in artificial grass installation and offer a variety of packages- all backed by warranty!

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