Stunning Backyard Fence Light Ideas

From solar power string lights to wall mounted lights to motion sensor floodlights, these backyard fence light ideas will help you feel inspired for your fence project!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
January 10, 2024

Are you thinking about adding some fence lighting to your backyard outdoor space? When most people think of outdoor backyard lighting ideas, they probably think of deck lighting, patio lighting or pergola lighting. Fence lighting is often overlooked but has so much potential to improve the ambiance in your backyard! Backyard fence lighting can also be used to improve security or accent certain areas of your yard like fire pits or seating areas.

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What are backyard fence lights?

There are almost endless styles of backyard fence lights to choose from. And we will go through some of the best ones here in this post. Before we do, let’s go over a few basics. Light fixtures for outdoor lighting can be powered in several different ways: solar power, battery powered lights, LED energy efficient lights and other lights that can be plugged into your home’s power grid. There are warm white lights and there are spotlights, there are color changing lights. Any backyard fence lights can easily be paired with stair lighting or path lights. Let’s go over some outdoor lighting ideas for your fence!

LED curtain string lights

If you love string lights it doesn’t get any better than curtain string lights! Plus LED lights in general are more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights. When you are putting up curtain lights, this is important because curtain lights have a lot of lights on them! Curtain string lights are made of one long horizontal string from which vertical strings of lights hang down from about every few inches. An idea for curtain string lights for your backyard fence is to create an outdoor seating area - maybe even around a fire pit or near a backyard water feature. Then drape your LED curtain string lights in that area - it will definitely draw the eye of any visitor as well as provide the perfect level of lighting for an outdoor evening gathering! Some curtain string lights will even have several options for level of brightness as well. So sit back and relax, and enjoy your new hang out spot in your backyard oasis.

Uplighting wall-mounted lights

This classic backyard fence lighting idea will provide both aesthetic value and help you navigate around your property at night. While Uplighting wall-mounted lights provide a soft light for your outdoor area, they are also strong enough to illuminate your backyard area to help you walk around at night. An added bonus is the extra security that comes with having your backyard area illuminated with fence lighting. Wall-mounted lights are fence lights that are fixed to the fence. For uplighting wall-mounted lights which shine the light upwards, these are often fixed on the fence towards the bottom. That way it shines a beam of light that reflects all the way up the fence. These wall lights are the perfect lighting to walk safely around your property at night. On top of that, they are available in almost endless styles!

Post lights

Another type of fence lighting is called post lights. These are fixed right on top of your fence’s post cap - hence the name! This kind of fence lighting is available in many different styles and colors. So it could easily have a classic look; imagine an old fashioned lantern sitting on top of your fence posts. Or it could be modern with a simple box of warm white light that helps you better define your property’s boundaries. Because the lights, no matter the style, sit on top of the fence posts, post lights can serve as security lighting as well. Any outdoor lighting will help to deter intruders and any kind of illegal activity near your home.

Outdoor solar power fairy lights

Fairy lights are arguably the peak of warm, cozy ambiance. They are warm white lights that are a little smaller than regular string lights. Oftentimes they are made with wire that can be moved and shaped to fit onto what you want! On top of that, fairy lights are versatile and can be powered in so many different ways they can be used almost anywhere as beautiful accent lighting. If you want to use fairy lights for your fence lighting project, be sure to choose outdoor solar power fairy lights. That way they will stand up to the weather and also will not be a hassle to plug in or charge. One idea for fairy lights on your backyard fence is to entwine the fair lights with ivy or other climbing vegetation that you can fix to your fence.

Security lighting

Sometimes you want backyard fence lighting ideas that are less about increasing ambiance and more about increasing security. Security lights and fences go together like peanut butter and jelly! Any type of lighting outside - especially on the boundaries of your property - will deter intruders or criminal activity, but specific fence lighting aimed at security can seriously put a homeowners’ mind at ease. One idea is motion sensor floodlights. These are probably the best fence lighting for increasing security. They are brighter than other types of lighting designs, however that is the point right? But with motion sensor lights you will not have to experience the glare of bright lights all the time. They will only turn on if they sense motion - like someone coming up to your door. This can be both helpful for evening guests as well as a great way to keep people or animals from nosing around on your property unseen.

Lantern Edison string lights

Edison lights have become increasingly popular in recent years, and even though they are modeled after Edison’s original lightbulb, they can give off a modern vibe in your backyard when strung on your fence. Lantern Edison string lights can be attached to each post and hang in between. They emit a warm white light that creates the perfect atmosphere for an evening gathering. String them up all around your backyard or just near the BBQ and outdoor furniture - either way they are an attractive addition to your backyard and an easy DIY project!


What kinds of colors do backyard fence lights come in?

Backyard fence lights are available in any color! You can easily find string lights in an array of colors, as well as wall mounted lights. There are even backyard fence lights that can change colors.

How do you plug in backyard fence lights?

Many backyard fence lights do not need to be plugged in. They are either solar power lights or run on batteries. Most outdoor lighting these days is made from LED lights which are super efficient and even if they are battery powered will last longer than other types of lights. If you do need to plug in your fence lights and extension cords are not an option, check out an outdoor power stake.

Is outdoor fence lighting waterproof?

Outdoor fence lighting will be waterproof and weather-proof. Just make sure to read the package to ensure it is, in fact, outdoor lighting before you buy it.

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