Why Choose Aluminum for Your Privacy Fence

Don't miss these aluminum privacy fence ideas to consider for your new fence project! Aluminum privacy fences come in a variety of styles- ones to fit any home!
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis
Last Update:
April 26, 2024

Modern, sleek, and virtually maintenance free - aluminum fencing is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for new fence styles!

Durability and Strength

Aluminum is a type of metal and as such is one of the most durable and strong materials to use for fence panels. If you are worried about nosy neighbors and security, an aluminum privacy fence will fulfill all of your needs. No one is getting through an aluminum fence. Although it looks sleek and trendy, it is also extremely strong and will keep your property safe from intruders. And what’s more, aluminum privacy fences last easily 50 years or more!

Low Maintenance

If you choose an aluminum fence for your new privacy fence, you will be happy to know it requires much less maintenance than fences made out of other materials like wood. Aluminum is basically no maintenance, although you may choose to spray it off with a hose or spot clean if it gets dirty. The lack of maintenance means it costs less over the years as well. With a wooden fence, you need to stain it every couple of years to keep it looking its best which adds up in terms of time and money.

Versatility in Design

You may think that aluminum is aluminum, and an aluminum fence is an aluminum fence. However, aluminum fence panels come in many shapes, colors, sizes and designs and we will go over some of them in the next section!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Privacy Fence

Aluminum privacy fences are not a monolith. There are actually many different fence designs and fence styles to choose from, as well as a variety of heights and lengths. There is a wide range of types of aluminum fence panels as far as cost and budget as well.

Height and Length

Although you can find aluminum fences in an endless array of heights and lengths, for a privacy fence there are recommended heights. Standard heights for aluminum privacy fences are usually either six or eight feet tall fence panels. There are shorter heights available, like four feet, but if you are wanting to increase privacy on your property, four feet just will not do very much for you.

Lengthwise is all up to you of course, but many times the aluminum privacy fence panels come in six foot lengths.

Design and Style

Aluminum privacy fence

Aluminum fence designs come in all shapes and sizes! Any one of them is guaranteed to increase curb appeal at your home. Some homeowners like the look of wood, but not the idea of all the upkeep associated with a wood fence. Wooden fences require staining or painting regularly to keep them looking their best. If you want a fence that looks like wood but is actually aluminum, fear not! There are aluminum privacy fence panels that look like wood. There are even different wood grain patterns and colors to choose from.

If you like a sleek, modern look, there are solid black aluminum privacy fence panels. Some of the most popular fence styles for aluminum privacy fences are shadow box style or board on board style. Board on board offers complete privacy, whereas a shadow bow panel offers privacy looking straight on and a peek through from the side.

Some types of fences have panels with horizontal slats and some have vertical slats. You can even get an aluminum privacy fence in the style of a picket fence. And of course, you can always spiffy it up with some decorative post caps to go on top of the fence posts as well!

Cost and Budget

The cost of an aluminum fence - and any metal fence really - is a little higher than privacy fences of other materials like a vinyl privacy fence for example. The strength, durability and attractiveness more than makes up for the cost difference for many homeowners. You should plan on budgeting for between about $27 and $36 per linear foot. That amounts to about $160 for a six foot aluminum privacy fence panel. The average homeowner’s aluminum fence costs around $4,500. The cost of an aluminum privacy fence with a powder coating is lower than other types of metal fences like an ornamental aluminum fence or a wrought iron fence.

The cost goes down even more if you decide to do the fence installation on your own as a diy project! And with aluminum privacy fences, fence installation is a little simpler than other types of fences. There are posts and usually around six foot width panels compared to narrow posts with many individual pickets with picket spacing to measure out.

Top 5 Aluminum Privacy Fence Ideas

There are tons of fencing options if you are looking for an aluminum privacy fence. Let’s go over a few of the most popular choices for aluminum fence styles!

Shadowbox Aluminum Privacy Fence

Aluminum shadowbox privacy fence

The shadowbox privacy fence is a great choice for those who want “almost” complete privacy from their new fence. When you look head on at a shadowbox fence it provides complete privacy, however, if you get closer and look off to one side or the other you will be able to peek through.

Flat Top Aluminum Privacy Fence

This fence design, as the name implies, has a smooth, flat top to it. This style of fence is a horizontal privacy fence, where the slats run horizontally instead of vertically. This gives your fence a modern, sleek look that will complement any type of landscaping.

Aluminum Pool Fence

Aluminum privacy pool fence

When you have a pool in your backyard, but also a busy street nearby or neighbors that can see into your yard, it is time to start thinking about a privacy fence! An aluminum pool fence can offer complete privacy, and you can get an aluminum gate to match. Once inside, you can have the pool to yourself and leave the potentially peeping eyes outside.

Wood Grain Privacy Fence

Do you like the idea of an aluminum privacy fence but not the look of a metal fence? Then you are in luck! Aluminum privacy fence panel material also comes in wood grain designs of different colors and styles to complement your outdoor space. You can even mix and match wood grain aluminum fence panels with traditional aluminum posts and post caps, and a metal fence gate.

Geometric Design Privacy Fence

Geometric design aluminum fence

Aluminum privacy fence panels are also available in modern and stylish geometric designs. Depending on the design, you can have a range of privacy to meet all of your fence needs - from complete privacy to some designs being punched out of the aluminum panels to allow a slight view through.


Are aluminum privacy fences easy to maintain?

Aluminum privacy fences are among the easiest of fence styles to maintain. You do not have to stain them, or paint them - the only maintenance you may have to do from time to time is spot clean if it gets dirty or spray it down with a hose if it starts getting covered in dirt, dust or other things.

How long do aluminum privacy fences typically last?

This type of metal fence can easily last 50 years or more!

Can aluminum fences be customized to match my home's design?

Aluminum fences come in all types of different colors, styles and designs. You can choose spears and finials for a more traditional look, or a flat top horizontal style for a modern fence style. Aluminum fences can be customized to match the landscaping and design of all types of residential properties.

Aluminum fences can also be great for commercial fences as well!

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