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Popular stain types and use-cases

Selecting the perfect stain for your fence requires you to consider the fence type, how much protection you want and need for your fence, and how you’d like the finished product to look.

Oil based wood stains

Oil-based stains are the most popular type of stain for most homeowners. Many people choose oil-based stains because they offer the most durability and penetrate deeply into the wood. An oil-based stain does take longer to dry than other types of stains.

Water-based wood stains

For the environmentally friendly homeowners out there, water-based stains are a great choice. They contain less potential pollutants but also do not penetrate the wood as deeply as an oil-based stain. And unlike oil-based stains, a water-based stain dries very quickly.

Pre-stained lumber

Some wood fence materials can come pre-treated or pre-stained. This means that before the fence is installed, the wood goes through a process of coating or staining. The main benefit of selecting pre-stained lumber is that it eliminates the need to stain a wood fence soon after it is installed.

Power washing

Power washing involves using pressurized water to clean your existing wood fence. By using a special hose with intense water pressure, you can clean off build up of dirt, mildew, algae and other materials that can be harmful to your fence over time.

Popular Stain Colors and Opacity

Choosing the right stain type will depend on what you want the fence to look like in the end and how much protection you desire for the wood of the fence.

Solid stains

A solid color stain is the type of stain that is closest to actually painting your fence. This kind of wood stain will help hide any imperfections in your fence and create an even look across the fence panels. Solid stains are great for older fences with very worn wood.

Semi-Transparent stains

Stain that is semi transparent is a great choice for a wood fence that has a few years under its belt but still has great texture and grain that you want to show off. A semi transparent stain will add just a little bit of color while allowing the texture and grain of the wood to stand out.

Transparent stain

Transparent stain is the most affordable of the options. This stain goes on with a clear appearance, so it will show the natural wood grain and textures with subtle color accents. It’s a good choice if you have a newer fence and want to protect it from the elements without changing its appearance.

Fence staining characteristics

Staining your fence can increase the curb appeal of your home by bringing out the natural beauty of the wood in your fence! Since your wooden fence is outdoors, the elements can take their toll on the coloring. A wood stain serves as a protectant on wood surfaces and can also help extend the life of your fence. Staining your fence prevents rotting, as well as damage from splintering and insects. A good stain will penetrate the wood, protect it from UV rays and help to keep it looking brand new while showing off the wood’s color and grain!

What is fence power washing and staining?

Wood fences are exposed to the elements outdoors. Power washing is a method of using pressurized water to clean build-up off of fences to prevent deterioration. Fence staining is the process of applying a coating to a wood fence that can help protect it from discoloration and other damage.

Benefits of a fence power washing and staining

Power washing and fence staining can keep your fence looking great for longer and prolong its life. Power washing a wood fence can help get rid of build up from things like dirt, mildew, algae and other materials that can make your fence an eye sore and lead to damage over time. Staining a fence also prolongs its lifespan by protecting it from discoloration from the sun’s UV rays and from warping caused by water seeping into the wood.

Fence power washing and staining costs

The total cost for fence staining will depend on many factors like the material and style. In 2023, a rough estimate to power wash a fence costs between $100 and $350 and to stain a 6’ height wood fence cost between $5 and $15 per linear foot.

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