Frequently Asked Questions

Fence 101

Why should I replace my fence vs. repairing it?

  • It’s very hard to just repair parts of a fence since the panels are structurally connected. If someone offers you a repair, they may break other parts of the fence as they are removing panels and then it may end up costing you more.
  • If you only repair parts of the fence, you’ll have mismatched panels that have aged differently. This creates a generally undesirable appearance.

What is the fence warranty?

We offer a four-year warranty which covers any workmanship or installation related issues. Our Quality Assurance expert will examine each case individually and provide a solution. Please note that wood is an organic product and by nature has knots, black marks, and can crack, discolor, expand, contract, bow or twist. Some of this is to be expected and is not considered defective nor covered by warranty. Any defective material will be visible within weeks of the installation.

How much should I expect to spend on my fence installation?

Your fence installation depends on linear footage and the type of fence you choose. To provide you a fast and hassle-free quote, we create an exterior blueprint of your property through publicly available satellite imagery and base your price off those measurements.

How long will my new fence last?

Because we typically use redwood for our fences, you can expect a lifespan of around 25 years with regular maintenance. Other types of lumber will typically only last 5-15 years because they’re not as resistant to rot and insects like redwood is.

How long does my fence installation take?

It typically takes one day to install 60 feet of fencing. On the first day of the job, we’ll take down and safely dispose of the old fence.

How do you calculate my fence project price?

Pricing is based on linear footage of fencing you need. We confirm those measurements in person during an on site visit. The type of fence you choose and whether or not it has a gate also affects the price.

Do you do split billing?

Since our contract is with you, we are legally obligated to only bill you for the service. Nevertheless, our detailed quote provides a cost break-down by side, in order to facilitate any financial conversations you may want to have with your neighbors.

Can you reuse my existing posts?

Unfortunately we cannot. Due to warranty and liability limitations, along with our commitment to quality, we're unable to use or reuse material that you already have on site. This includes, but is not limited to, posts, rails, pickets, brackets, and other material installed by someone other than Ergeon.

Can you replace a portion of my fence and attach it to a section in good condition?

If you are interested in having a portion of your fence replaced and attached to an existing section of fence, we have specific procedures in place to handle this. More information, including schematics, can be provided upon request.

Can you install a gate?

We can also install a matching gate, for an additional charge. Gates are made of the same material as your fence and have a powder coated latch so you can lock it.

I’d like a fence that isn’t outlined as an option. Do you offer additional varieties?

We don’t offer other fence types at this time.

Driveway 101

Why should I replace my driveway vs. repairing it?

It’s very hard to just repair parts of the driveway since the sections are connected. If someone breaks apart the existing section to replace it, it can easily break adjacent sections as well, which will cost you more. The new section also may not match in color with the old section as concrete and pavers do change appearance as they age. Crack repair is potentially possible but it does not structurally repair the slab and the aesthetics will never match. A full replacement addresses these concerns.

What is the driveway warranty?

Pavers: Ergeon guarantees the quality of materials with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and all of Ergeon’s workmanship for twenty five (25) years following the completion of the project. Site inspection revealing any paver breaking, shifting, or moving stemming from any defective workmanship or defective material will be fixed and/or replaced at no additional charge. If any issues arise within this time frame, reach out to your Project Manager with a description of the issue, location on the project, and pictures. Ergeon will send a Regional Manager for site inspection.  All warranty claims must be verified and approved by Construction Manager prior to any repair or replacement being approved.  Pavers replaced under warranty will be replaced with new stock and may not perfectly match heavily weathered or aged pavers on site.

Concrete: We offer a four-year warranty for pavers. Our in-house Quality Assurance expert will examine each case individually and provide a solution. Please note that concrete as a material will inevitably have some hairline cracks especially as California has frequent earthquakes, any cracks thicker than a nickel are considered a structural issue and not cosmetic.

Ergeon does not warranty damage or defects that are not caused by workmanship or material defects, including but not limited to the following:
• Excessive weight on the surface such as oversized vehicles.
• Earthquakes or natural ground shifts of an excessive nature.
• Heavy objects stored on the surface for an extended amount of time.
• Indications of abuse from cars, machinery, heavy objects, etc.
• Tree and plant roots that cause lifting.
• Excavation or digging done within 5 feet of pavers.
• Damage caused by maintenance such as edging, weeding, mowing, or power washing.
• Failure to notify Ergeon in a timely manner of a repairable issue that leads to further damage.
• Any work done by a third party that affects the paver installation.

I’d like a driveway that isn’t outlined as an option. Do you offer additional varieties?

We do not offer other driveway materials or patterns at this time.

How much should I expect to spend on my driveway installation?

Your driveway installation price depends both on the square footage, the type of materials you choose, and site factors such as soil type, drainage, or vegetation around the driveway such as large trees. To provide you a fast and hassle-free quote, we create an exterior blueprint of your property through publicly available satellite imagery and base your price off those measurements.

How long will my new driveway last?

We use high-grade specifications of fresh base rock, rebar, and a minimum of 4 inches of 3500 psi concrete or high-grade pavers, so your new driveway will typically last 20-30 years. For comparison, driveway installations that don’t match our specifications will only last 5-15 years. Cracks are expected in all concrete driveways after even a couple of years but you should experience no structural issues for many years.

How long does installation take?

A typical installation takes 3-5 days for 600-800 square feet. On day one, we will demo the existing driveway, excavate the area, and haul away the debris. Then we will lay down the base rock and install rebar for structural rigidity.

  • For a standard concrete driveway, concrete will be poured in, then finished with a broom finish or stamped and stained. After the installation is complete, it will take at least 7 days to cure the concrete (allowing for a complete chemical reaction of the cement) before the driveway can be used for anything other than walking.
  • For a paved driveway, sand will be poured in, then pavers will be installed. Paved driveways can be used after 1-2 days.

How do you calculate my price?

Pricing is based on the square footage you need. We confirm those measurements in person during an onsite visit. The type of driveway you choose also affects the price.

Can you install pathways?

Yes, we can install pathways to match the driveway design you choose both for front and back yards.

Pricing & Payment

Is there a financing option for home improvement projects?

You can finance your next home improvement project by applying for a home improvement loan. To learn more, go to How To Finance Your Home Improvement Project

How is the payment done? Can I pay everything after the project is complete?

For smaller projects you can pay at the end. Larger projects are split into phases and customers are expected to pay after completion of each milestone.

Is my credit card information safe?

The safety of your information is extremely important to us! To keep it safe, your payment information goes directly to Stripe, a PCI Level I certified payment processing system that securely stores credit card information and processes your payments. Your payment information is never stored on our site.To learn more about Stripe’s security features, please visit:

How can I pay for my service?

Payment is collected in full once your job is complete. For your convenience, you have two options for payment - the most convenient is paper check or e-check payments, which we can process directly over the phone. We also accept credit card payments, but please note that a 2% transaction fee will be added.

Service Policies

Why does my property need to be marked before installation?

Under California State Law, your property must be surveyed by an Underground Service Alert organization before any digging can take place. By marking the digging area and utilities, we help ensure the safety of our contractors and your property. Any paint that may be used to mark the digging area or utilities will wash out in the rain.

How do you ensure quality?

We have an in-house General Contractor who manages our projects and a quality assurance process to make sure each project we build meets local city codes and our high standards. This means your project will be sturdy, the job site will be clean and safe, and if by some chance anything were to happen, we have a million dollar insurance policy to back us up.

We also have a satisfaction guarantee and you can inspect the job upon completion and compare with the promise in our quote.

Can you do a repair?

Project repair is not something we provide at this time. Warranty and liability limitations, along with our commitment to quality, prohibit us from reuse material that you already have on site.

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

On the last day of your project, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to make sure you’re happy with the quality of work. At that time, you can point out any areas of concern. If it’s part of the agreed upon quote, we’ll make sure it’s taken care of, no questions asked.