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Deck design ideas

Before finalizing your deck plans, consider how you'll use the space and the size of your outdoor furniture, as well as access in and out. Our ideas will guide you in creating a deck that perfectly fits your needs.
Think about placing your deck near the kitchen and ensure there's ample space around your patio table for comfortable seating and movement. Also, consider a dedicated area for your BBQ, positioned safely away from the house.
Design your deck with distinct areas for dining, relaxing, or a secluded spot under a pergola. Remember to include open space for activities ranging from casual games to moonlit gatherings.
Decking is ideal for pool areas, enhancing your poolside experience with style and functionality. Remember, a fence is essential for pool safety, and be sure to comply with local fencing height regulations.
Stand Alone
Constructing a low-lying deck among the landscaping at your yard's edge can create an attractive new focal point.
Multi-Access Points
Wraparound decks are perfect for hosting friends, adding intrigue, and creating elegant upper and lower entry points to both your home and yard.
Single Access Point
For homes with only one staircase, consider placing it on a corner or opting for a narrow-to-wide design, beautifully framed with potted plants for added charm.

Deck add-ons

Explore our range of deck add-ons, including steps, railings, and protective staining, to elevate the functionality and aesthetic of your outdoor space.
We create steps that blend seamlessly with your deck's design. Tailored to complement your wood or composite deck, steps provide easy access while enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space.
Choose from our wide range of railings, available in various styles and materials, from modern to classic, to add both safety and personality to your deck. Railings beautifully complement your space, and we're here to help you find the perfect match that meets your style and safety requirements.
Staining protects the wood from moisture, sun damage, and wear, prolonging its life and maintaining its beauty. It also provides an opportunity to customize the color to match your outdoor décor, making your deck a true extension of your home's style.

Deck materials

Discover the natural charm of wood and the durability of composite in our deck

material options

Composite Deck
A composite wood deck combines the best of both worlds: the natural look of wood with the enhanced durability of synthetic materials. These decks are low-maintenance, resistant to weathering and decay, and provide a long-lasting, beautiful outdoor space with minimal upkeep.
Wood Deck
A wood deck not only brings a timeless, natural charm to your outdoor space but also easily harmonizes with existing elements like fencing. Its versatility allows for a cohesive look, as it can be stained or finished to match your current outdoor decor, creating a seamless and inviting atmosphere.
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Our expert installers guarantee top-quality deck construction, backed by a strong warranty and our commitment to quality assurance, ensuring a durable, reliable addition to your home.
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Areas we provide service

We provide deck building and installation services in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.

Deck characteristics

Whether you're leaning towards wood or composite, we've compiled valuable information to help you understand and compare the features and costs of each option.

Wood deck or composite deck? Which option is the right one for me?

Both materials have unique qualities, with wood offering an authentic rustic charm while composite decking boasts low-maintenance durability. Wood decking has been a favorite for years due to its natural beauty and traditional appeal. It's made from various types of lumber, sourced from different trees, each offering unique shades, textures, and properties. Composite decking is a modern alternative to wood, made from a blend of wood fibers, plastics, and other materials. It's designed to offer the look of wood without the same level of maintenance.

Wood deck costs

The average cost per square foot for a deck can vary based on factors such as the type of decking material, labor costs, and additional features. The average cost per square foot is between $20 and $60.

Composite deck costs

Similarly, the average cost per square foot for Composite Decking depends on factors like the location and specific style and materials chosen. The national average cost per square foot is between $25 and $80.

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